Owning a property is one thing; maintaining cleanliness and property inventories is another. Whether in the context of a home, an apartment, or an office, name it, one cannot overemphasise the importance of cleaning up and tracking inventory. However, this always proves to be an intensive, tiring, and time-consuming undertaking. The same applies to modular buildings. It is even more complicated, considering their bespoke nature. Cleaning and inventory monitoring, like any other process, requires prior planning. Often, developing a plan necessitates, among others: noting the condition, identifying the tasks to be completed, setting benchmarks on the same, developing a schedule, recording, generating a report and finally reviewing the status of the work. Tedious, isn’t it? Not always. The good news is that there is software to help you with all this. Here is why.

Easier cleaning schedule management and monitoring
A good schedule considers the dirt and mess that accumulates in your property every day. Plans can be lengthy and tiresome to develop and implement, especially when dealing with many properties. However, there are loads of cleaning templates on the internet to help you; here is an example. With a schedule in place, the Hive’s software simplifies work by automating checking room conditions together with their cleanliness scales. The software also features active prompts to assist with the set-up of property rooms and items and provides for cloning report templates across properties.

Simplified inventory reporting
Reporting is equally essential. According to Mytoor inventories, inventory reports foster a mutual understanding between property owners and users to avert any possible tenancy disputes. Property owners issue property inventories reports at check in and check out to track the number, condition, age, and quality of fixtures, fittings, and decor in a premise. Ideally, a good report will allow for the easy determination of wear and tear and replacement costs. The Hive’s software offers a before and after, side-by-side report for easier comparison in a clear and concise framework, explore products.

Website, cloud platform and mobile app
It is virtually impossible to imagine software that is neither web integrated nor has a mobile application in this day and age. The Hive’s software has all these featured to ensure convenience mobile and real-time access and storage to one’s property database. The website and app allow the user to take photos of the property for detail fine-tuning at a later date, structure inventories, and manage users. The website and app features also provide for automated syncing between the platforms. Besides, a user receives automated report updates by email, SMS, or push notification.

Finally, prudence provides that a user ensures that an offering conforms to industry standards and regional laws. The Hive’s property inventory software complies with the Immigration Act 2016 and the Data Protection Act 1998. The software also informs users of changes in legislation by region and fosters best practices.

By Linda

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