A grill pan (กระทะ ปิ้ง ย่าง, which is the term in Thai) is as practical as it is delicate. They are indeed lighter pans than iron, for example, and that offers the great advantage that you make sure that the food will not stick. But if you want to keep it that way for a long time, and make it a reliable pan in every way, there are several things that we strongly recommend.

Tips To Take Care Of Your Grill Pan

  • Nonstick pans are ideal for low-medium heat cooking. Working with them at high temperatures can damage the nonstick medium or long term and could even be harmful to your health.
  • Do not use metal utensils to handle the food! The nonstick can scratch and lose part of its nonstick. It is always advisable to protect the nonstick to the maximum to ensure that it is in perfect condition. Using wooden or silicone spatulas and spoons is advisable.
  • Wash the pan by hand. we know putting it in the dishwasher is comfortable and easy, but remember that there will be in contact with other utensils that can scratch it, apart from the fact that cleaning the dishwasher is very aggressive and in the long run, deteriorating the nonstick. Cleaning the grill pan by hand is really a moment, and even though they say “Yes, you can go to the dishwasher”, it will last much longer in perfect condition if you wash it by hand.
  • When washing by hand, always use a delicate sponge or the yellow part of the sponge, a warm water, and a plastic bucket (ตะกร้า พลาสติก, which is the term in Thai) to avoid scratching or damaging the nonstick.
  • When it is stored, put a rag between a pan and a pan, or use the felt protectors, which are wide and very padded, which makes them very practical. Hanging them on the wall with a hanger or hooks is also another great option to prevent the nonstick from coming into contact with other utensils.