Do you know that hiring a pay per head manager to manage your book’s operations could be one of the best things you can do? It’s true. It’s true. In this article, we will walk you through the 10 crucial questions that you need to ask before you decide on a Pay Per Head services. We also offer some key insights that could save you a lot.

We will also help you avoid common pitfalls when managing your players for someone else.

Bookies are not always willing to give up control of their business in order to make a living as a pay per head. Many bookies still do things the old-fashioned way. They take bets in the backroom and sign their lives away as a business owner.

It has changed the way that people do business for those who have found a pay-per-head they trust. The right pay per head can make a huge difference in your business. Before we go into this, it is important to understand the benefits and value of a salary per head.

You can run your own business if you know how to select clients, manage risk, give credit, settle accounts and grade games. You are a skilled manager with a keen understanding of the business and a sense of intimacy with your employees.

You can eventually make more money by solving other problems and pursuing other opportunities than managing the bookie business’ day-to-day operations.

Pay per head can help you save thousands each week and allow you to turn that money into additional revenue for your business.


While some questions are more important than others you should still consider them because they give you a wider perspective and allow you to make better decisions.

Do some research on the website for the per head that you are interested in to see how many you can answer.

  1. What Real-World Experience Does the Pay per Head Have?

It’s not easy to manage a sportsbook. For example, in the past, those who managed lines were valued for their deep knowledge of betting and sports.

Greenhorns with gadgets can tell you that they don’t need to be able to distinguish between spread betting, money lines, parlays, or teasers in order to manage their book.

You can gain experience by being in the trenches during a football season, or three. When you have a full slate going off the board and something does happen (and it always does), you need the wisdom of veteran decision-makers.

2. Are they a Ragtag Shop?

It is important to determine if the company you are considering working with is a scam that will try to take your hard-earned money. A company should be made up of experienced professionals who have a lot of resources and are well-respected. Your sportsbook shouldn’t be run by amateurs that don’t pay attention to your players.

3. What additional services are offered by The Per Head?

Although you might not yet be ready to offer horse betting and casino gaming, a shop that is worth its salt can offer these and many other services. You should expect to find them in most reputable shops.

4. What did you hear about the Pay Per Head?

There are many scams in online gambling so it is best to only choose a PPH Sportsbook if you have been recommended by a friend or done enough research to make an informed choice.

5. Are They able to specialise in specific markets or vertical niches?

Many companies only deal with the English-speaking market. But do you also cater to other markets such as Vietnamese, Chinese or Vietnamese? PayPerHeadAgents is one of the few pay per head books that can deal with this market.

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