The application does not allow the user to copy texts from Instagram, captions and comments on posts, nor hash tags. However, this function can only be performed using Instagram DM. To do this, just press your finger on the message and copy. To copy text from Instagram, you’ll need to use a browser (either on your computer or on your phone), which allows you to copy and paste texts, hash tags and emojis without having to download applications on Android and iPhone, in addition to Google Chrome or Safari.

How to copy text on Android and iPhone (iOS)?

Step1. Tap on the three dots in the upper right corner of the Instagram post to open the menu. Then, select the “Copy link” option to copy the URL of the post.

Step2. Open the Internet browser installed on your phone, and paste the link of the Instagram post in the address bar of the browser. The publication will be open on the Internet.

Step3. Press your finger on the text you want to select and then copy.

Copying text on your computer

    • Access Instagram through the browser
    • Find the post you want. Select the content with mouse, and copy
  • Paste where you prefer, like a notepad to edit.

Details regarding Instagram text, hash tag and emojis

With smartphone, this may not properly work, especially with posts which are sponsored. There is no “copy” feature in the three-dot menu. It is a post available only on the mobile platform. The ads still don’t come on web.

For bios copy option, you must follow the same procedure. Go to the three dot option, click on “copy profile URL” and open it in the browser. It is not possible, however, to copy Story texts because the text is part of the image. Try to download the photo and use character recognition (OCR), available in apps like One Drive and OneNote.

You can copy the text from instagram by following our tips. Moreover, check how to see unsent messages in Instagram by following our other tutorial. 
The applications by instagram are well tested before launching.

How do you use text messages for two-factor authentication on Instagram?

When you enable two-factor authentication, you’ll need to choose what the primary security method will be: Instagram dm codes or a third-party authentication application. If you decide to use SMS, you will receive an SMS with a special six-digit security code whenever someone tries to log into your Instagram account using a device that we don’t recognize. To activate text message (SMS) login codes for your mobile phone:

    • Go to your profile and tap three lined option.
    • Press Settings. Touch Security > Two-factor authentication.
  • Touches to get started.

Always you need to have a verified phone number on your Instagram account to use two-factor authentication through Instagram DM. When you enter a phone number to enable two-factor authentication, it becomes the number confirmed in your account.

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