Your digital marketing strategy is the chains of actions which assist you to attain your business goals through carefully chosen online marketing channels. These channels consist of earned, paid and owned media, which might support a common campaign around a particular line of business.

Or, we can say that a strategy is simply a plan of action to attain the desired goal or several goals. Based on the size of your business, your digital marketing strategy may involve numerous digital strategies, all with different goals and a lot of moving parts. Here are some tips to create an effective digital marketing strategy.

Know your Goals

Recognize your goals and the digital marketing tools you’ll require. Your marketing objectives must be coupled back to the basic goals of the business. Doesn’t matter what your overarching goal is, you should know how to measure it. How you measure the efficiency of your digital strategy will be different for every business and reliant on your objectives, but it’s important to make sure you’re able to do so, as it’s these metrics that may assist you to adjust your strategy in the future.

Make your Buyer Persona 

For any marketing strategy, whether it’s offline or online, you must know who you’re marketing to. The finest digital marketing strategies depend on comprehensive buyer personas, and your first step is to make them.

Buyer personas signify your ideal customers and can be made by surveying, researching and interviewing your business’s target viewers. It’s significant to note that the information must be based upon real data everywhere possible, as making guesses about your audience may cause your marketing strategy to take the wrong way.

To obtain a rounded picture of your persona, your research pool must include a combination of customers, prospects, and people outside your contacts database who align with your target viewers.

The kind of information you should collect for your buyer personas to tell your digital marketing strategy will depend on your businesses and is expected to differ depending on whether you’re B2B or B2C, or whether your product cost is high or low.

Assess your accessible digital channels and assets

When taking into consideration your accessible digital marketing channels or assets to include into your strategy, it’s useful to first think the bigger picture to avoid getting overwhelmed. The owned, earned, and paid media framework assists to classify the digital ‘vehicles’, assets, or channels which you’re already using

Analyze your Competitor 

Buyers trust in online information sources during their pre-purchase journey, which means that they are perhaps to be looking at your competitors as part of their decision-making process. Observing your competitor’s offers, social media and blogging will provide you an insight into what else is accessible in the market and their target audiences. This information will assist you to set and ultimately converse your point of distinction.

Buyer Online Journey

Knowing the psychology of your buyer and the track they take to the conversion will determine how to deliver precisely the right message at accurately the right time. Mapping the customer journey from problem recognition touch points right through to the websites they visit, and their post-purchase assessment makes an important part of any Digital Marketing strategy.

Choosing Digital Marketing Channels 

There are a lot of digital channels existing with new ones emerging all the time. Selection of right digital channels for your business will mainly depend on your goal and your target market. For instance, as a business-to-business company, you may look towards your website, email marketing, LinkedIn and Twitter to contact your customers whereas a business-to-consumer company will possibly center more on social media platforms like Facebook or Instagram.

Choosing Digital Marketing Tactics 

Digital marketing tactics are the precise tools you will use within your preferred digital channels to communicate with your target market to get your desired result. Choosing suitable digital marketing tactics will factor in your available budget, resources, and proficiency.

Digital Marketing tactics include:

    • Google AdWords
    • Email Automation
    • Social Media Advertising
  • Inbound Marketing

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