If you got here it is because you have a certain interest in getting more followers on Instagram. Therefore, we will give you the best tips to quickly boost your profile, including how to get Instagram likes free.

How to Get 10K Followers on Instagram for Free [GetInsta Guide]

In general, most people who are active in social networks, have great interests in more followers on the profile. This attention by followers is given for several reasons and one of the main ones is the fact of monetization. Some people manage to make money from Instagram in some way and depending on how it monetizes, it will need many followers. This option may involve digital influencer, sponsored posts and partnerships with companies and brands.

Already other people feel good with the presence of many followers, because through them, they will receive comments like compliments and likes in the photos. This is a widely used way to increase self-esteem and improve daily performance. How to gain free followers Instagram with GetInsta, the best Instagram followers app

Of all the tips that we will present, this is the free and fastest option to be able to increase followers, views and likes on Instagram. We did a search on the best apps and sites that offer the option to increase followers, follow the steps below and understand better. According to Google searches, the most searched, indicated and used app to get followers on Instagram is GetInsta.

This application is a kind of application that provides a place for its users to follow and like each other in exchange for coins. They basically struggle to generate as many coins as possible because these coins can be exchanged for free Instagram followers and likes. This application can be downloaded on Windows, Android, and iOS. This app is also completely free because you don’t have to pay a penny. You can simply follow and like the Instagram accounts of other GetInsta users. As many as you can because the number of coins you can get is unlimited.

Is this really safe? Of course, because on GetInsta you don’t need to enter your email / Instagram password to register. There is no chance for anyone to break into your account.

Gain followers with hashtags 

One of the most sensational and totally free options is to use hashtag in your favor to increase your followers. On Instagram, users use some specific hashtags to gain followers. To get followers using hashtags you must make a very interesting publication that draws a lot of public attention. Why? In this mode, users browse the hashtags looking photo by photo, if yours draws enough attention the chances of being noticed will be much higher.


Engagement is nothing less than the interaction that your followers have with your profile. It is through engagement that all metrics of a qualified profile on Instagram are measured. Do you know why engagement has a great relationship with followers? The engagement metric is made as follows Likes + Comments / Followers, translating better is the sum of likes and comments of a post divided by its total followers. You need to be active. Just it!

There are still other ways to increase the number of followers on Instagram but focusing on the three points above is a great first step.

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