You may have bought a game online from steam and you’re wondering if you can get a refund. Valve Corporation accepts structured requests for refunds. You’ll use the online form to demand a refund. The request can attract a refund or a rejection.

Process of requesting for a refund

You may have used your steam key and watched the game and realized that the game doesn’t meet your expectations. You’ll launch your steam app, go to the help section, and click on it. The steam help will direct you to more options and you’ll select the purchase button. On purchases, you’ll see the other options as the games you’ve bought are displayed.

Identify and click on the game you wish to receive a refund. It’ll be among all the games you’d purchased from steam. The support team will show you the billing of your game from the day for purchase. You’ll then be asked the reasons you’ve picked on that item; give the given option of a refund.

You’ll further state the reason for asking fora refund. The options get you covered as the reason for refund can either be buying by mistake or not meeting your expectations. Pick on the technicality and insist on the refund. Submit the reason for a refund and wait; it may take some time.

A response from the support team

Immediately after submitting the refund request, you’ll check your email where you’ll see a response generated; following your request. It’ll give hope that your request has been received. You’ll have time to cancel the request from the email if you change your mind. When the request doesn’t come within a couple of hours, call the steam support team.

While waiting for a refund, you can wait up to 7 days. The requests can be many and some delays are expected. You should be patient; if you call, they’ll look at your request and respond the same way. You’ll still wait for another week.

You can look into your account to check on the balance. Sometimes the refund can come earlier and other times delayed maybe because of more requests. Wait only when you receive confirmation from the valve team about your refund request.

How to avoid rejection

Before placing the request for a refund, check the policy of the Valve corporation. Your request should be within the 14 days since the date of purchase. The window of refund lies on the two weeks when they elapse, you may get a rejection. Also, you shouldn’t have a history of many other refunds. The record may reflect badly on you, although there’s no known limit. For purchases meant as gifts, let the recipient request for the refund; not you even if you purchased. You can only assist the recipient with billing details including steam keys.Or make the refund request before gifting the game.Where you feel the rejection was not convincing, appeal. The appeal should be accompanied by your reservations. Make your voice heard civilly and supported by reasons.

By Linda

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