There are numerous tips and tricks, and by following them, you can get much more exposure on YouTube than you are getting now. Getting noticed on YouTube is a hectic task. Many people upload good content regularly but still cannot get much traffic. Also, hundreds of videos later, if they are lucky, they get noticed, and one of their videos goes viral.

It sounds so easy, but when you have to make 2 to 4 videos every week, it bears a lot of time and hard work – which is not for everyone.

Please keep reading to find out various tips and my experience on how to get maximum exposure on YouTube in a bit of time.

My Experience and Tips

When I started my channel a few years ago, I was very energetic; like you are now. However, there was less competition, but it didn’t mean running a channel was easy.

At first, I struggled a lot and got 70 to 150 views per video on a good day. I was always like, Whaaat? How can this be? I worked so hard, and nobody noticed me. Even my content is way better than other similar channels.

As you know that necessity is the mother of invention, I looked for ways to get more views and traffic. The promising news was that I didn’t have to invent anything; I only needed to find those tricks – which I did.

I had put so much work and effort into my channel that I didn’t want to take a risk like using a YouTube bot or hiring a YouTube marketing service. Although, I found out much later that there are legit services you can use to get more exposure, like LenosTube. When it comes to agencies that may help you get more exposure, lenostube site is one of the most reliable, which I have tested so far. But this topic is for another day’s discussion.

Decent SEO

Search engine optimization is the hottest topic on the web now. You need to optimize your videos for the search engines. Since Google owns YouTube and favors its content – you can use it. Optimize your videos for Google, and it will automatically rank in YouTube as well. YouTube itself is a search engine and not a small one – the second largest globally. So, it would be best if you were an expert at YouTube SEO.

You need to put your primary keyword in your video, description, tags, and other relevant areas.

Engaging and catchy Titles

Your titles must be interesting enough to start engaging viewers. They need to know that they will find something useful and entertaining in your videos, which is only possible with a fabulous and engaging title.

Engaging thumbnail Images

According to my experience, the YouTube thumbnail images the users see when scrolling down on various results. Also, it would be best to remember that using clickbait can lead you towards a load of dislikes, killing your rankings. So, never mislead the viewers and put an original thumbnail that speaks your video’s truth.

Use Social Media’s power.

Using Twitter, Facebook, and other social media platforms to your favor can help you get exposure on YouTube. Also, sharing your content can help YouTube with outside traffic, which it loves.

Worthy Content

Ultimately, you can expect good results if you have done everything right and followed all the tips and tricks. However, if your content is not better than your competitors’, you should focus on that.

The content is the natural face of your channel and reputation.

Final Thoughts

Running a YouTube channel is challenging and is not for everybody. To become a successful YouTuber, you must be competent, creative, consistent, and patient.

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