Instagram launched in 2010, which in terms of technological progression seems a very long time ago! We have to acknowledge how well it has done to become one of the prime platforms to gain attention for various reasons.

But how do you get more impressions on Instagram? For many of us, it seems almost impossible to increase views and engagement, and get followers. We see people like Christiano Ronaldo who has hundreds of millions of followers and think it’s hopeless!

However, Instagram can deliver rewards beyond what you ever realized if you play by the rules. In this guide, we’ll tell you how to get more Instagram impressions and more.

So let’s get to it!

Discover Your Optimal Posting Times

Instagram does use an algorithm to produce its timelines. Yet, posting times are still relevant to promote Instagram posts and get more Instagram views.

The key to posting at the right time is understanding when your target audience is online. To understand this, you need to engage with Instagram and learn over time when your followers tend to interact with your content the most. Instagram Insights is a great tool to use too.

Try Different Video Styles

Videos are an excellent way to engage with your customers or target audience. Yes, photos can get loads of likes, but users can easily click a like on your photo and a split second later they’re onto the next.

If people are watching your videos, then they have to have clicked and watched at least some of them. This means better engagement than photos. So, try out different video styles, see which ones get more attention, and stick with that style for a while.

Ask Questions and Host Contests

Asking direct questions to your audience about hot topics of interest you share can be a great way to increase engagement and even get followers. For instance, you could ask a question like: “What did you all think of the Oscars ceremony last night?”

Contests are also a great way to get people interested in your posts. You can increase Instagram likes and engagements in your comments section very easily with this method. All you do is ask users to do something in return for them being entered into your competition.

For example, you could run a competition to win one of your latest products. In your competition post, you could ask the users to follow you on Instagram to enter. And the great thing about this method is you are giving your new product loads of exposure.

If you are not even at the level yet where you are getting any engagement, click here to find out how you can get your foot in the door in no time!

Get the Impressions on Instagram You Deserve

If you put a little time and effort into the methods we’ve mentioned, you should start to get the impressions on Instagram that you deserve. Try posting at optimal times, make use of videos, and use proven engagement tactics.

For more on this topic, keep tabs on our blog.

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