With more than 2 1/2 billion people on YouTube, there are terrific opportunities for influencers to make a considerable amount of money if they have a popular channel.

But, if you are just starting out, how can you grow your channel and become a famous YouTube influencer? While there are vast numbers of people looking to view videos on the platform, there are also many creators vying for their attention.

Although it can be challenging, you can use some useful strategies to stand out from the crowd and gain a massive YouTube subscriber base.

Read on to find out more about becoming an influencer on YouTube.

Pick a Video Niche That You Enjoy

When wondering how to become a YouTube influencer, you could be tempted to look at content that is already popular and try to copy it. But, if you find the topic dull, this could make it difficult to create interesting videos for your audience. 

Instead, you may find it more fun to make videos based on your hobbies or things that you find enjoyable. Your enthusiasm could show through on camera and attract followers who feel inspired by your passion.

Post Consistently

People have a massive range of choices when it comes to viewing videos on YouTube and they could start following another creator if you don’t provide new content regularly. 

While you don’t want to burn out, you could use a content calendar to plan out when you will create and post videos. This can also help you decide what will be in your videos to ensure you don’t run out of ideas. Your subscribers will then know when to look out for your next video.


Using SEO can make it easier to grow your YouTube channel as more people will be able to find your videos. For example, you could carry out keyword research and put the relevant phrases in your video titles and descriptions. You may also want to add hashtags to bring in more traffic. 

If your SEO efforts aren’t working, you can try using different keywords and hashtags to see which ones are most effective.

Have Attractive-Looking Thumbnails

It’s difficult to comprehend how many videos are on YouTube, and the numbers keep increasing. Therefore, you need to give people a reason to click on your video rather than someone else’s. One way to do this is to have a compelling thumbnail for your video.

By having a thumbnail that has clear images, attractive graphics, and engaging text, you can grab viewers’ attention. Look at how popular YouTubers design their video thumbnails for ideas you could use on your channel.

Partner With Other YouTubers

Not every YouTuber is a competitor to your channel and partnering with others could be a fast way to grow your subscriber base. If a prominent YouTuber likes your content and feels it would also help them to gain more followers, they may be open to a partnership.

Look for YouTube influencers in your niche that you admire and ask if they’d be interested in posting one of your videos on their channel.  Or, you could create a video together for both your subscribers and their fans. 

By collaborating with influencers on YouTube, you could find many of their followers would also like to subscribe to your channel.

Promote Your YouTube Channel on Other Platforms

Although your goal is to become an influencer on YouTube, this doesn’t mean you should ignore other social media sites. Posting on other platforms can be a great way to tell more people about your videos and encourage them to view your YouTube content.

For example, if a topic related to your niche is trending on Twitter, you could post a tweet and include a link to your YouTube video. Or, you could post screenshots displaying what your videos are about on Instagram. 

This strategy can be a free way to tell more potential subscribers about your Youtube channel and pique their interest.

Use Paid Ads

If you are looking to increase your YouTube subscriber numbers quickly, paid ads may be a good solution. You can buy online ad space and instantly appear in front of people searching for your type of content. If you’d like to test this method without spending too much money, you could run a small campaign and then scale it up if you are getting a positive return on your investment.

Review Your YouTube Video Statistics

You may think you’ve posted an entertaining video that viewers will enjoy, but you need to review your YouTube video analytics to see if you’re correct. It’s possible what you thought was a brilliant clip is getting little interest, while a video you didn’t think would gain much traction is getting lots of views.

When you see which videos are performing well, you can then create more of this content type. Regularly reviewing your video analytics can be vital for finding out what your audience really wants to see on your channel.

Being a YouTube Influencer Can Be Lucrative

It might not be easy, but being a successful YouTube influencer can be lucrative. There are many strategies you can use to reach your goal and picking a niche that interests you can be a good first step, while working with YouTubers who are already popular can help you find more fans. You could also run paid ad campaigns and promote your YouTube content on other social media sites.

You could soon be a famous YouTube influencer!

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