Just a quick word of warning and that is torrent are not exactly what we would call strictly legal. The only reason we are writing this is that we understand that people will torrent and no amount of legal prosection or internet policing is ever going to stop it. In fact, it is impossible for countries to dedicate teams to stop people using torrents especially with the rise in popularity of VPN software these days. 

So why are we writing this article?

This is a personal thing really. Basically, my family and friends, as well as myself, like to pass around videos on our USB storage keys and smartphones. This is something that has been happening for year. However, the number of times the files are corrupt or try to install a worm or virus on my device is severely increasing. Now some people do not have anti-virus software. They watch these videos without realizing that they have just installed a virus on their machine. 

As you can imagine, torrents are a great way for the producer of the virus to spread what they think is their ingenious piece of programming around the world. And if you were the person that designed the code, then no doubt you will be proud of finding an effective way of achieving your goal. 

On the other hand, this is nothing but a large pain in the backside for most people that just want to listen to a bit of music or simply relax after a hard day’s work and watch a film. These people that design the viruses don’t think about how they will negatively affect people’s lives causing stress, anxiety, and costing people money they do not have. 

However, if we are going to actively partake in downloading torrents, then we are also taking the risk of downloading ones that come with viruses built-in. The same applied to pass around video, game, book, and music files. Eventually, and inevitably, our machine is going to get a virus. 

Preventing The Virus

Literally, this is not rocket science. Use software that gives you a ‘safe zone’ to download files. Also, make sure you use an anti-virus detector that scans new files added to your device. This can be anti-virus for smartphones, tablets, and also your PCs and laptops. Usually a single anti-virus subscription will allow you to cover multiple devices. 

Where To Get The Best Torrents

If you want to get the best torrents, then you need to make sure your machine is protected by using encrypted connections. For example, torrenty za darmo is the best place to find out information about how you can download torrents as well as find out how to watch things like Netflix in America or Poland, and how to get the very best VPN software with high-end financial grade 128-bit encryption. 

With anti-virus installed and a safe download area, any new torrents that successfully download will be immediately scanned, and if all is ok, then you can transfer the newly-downloaded file to your main storage and share it around your friends and family.