Protecting customer data is a critical responsibility for companies competing in borderless digital platforms. Because of this, most businesses invest in cutting-edge user identification solutions, including identity as a service (IDaaS). Companies leverage IDaaS in their operations to verify user identity, ensuring that it is the actual owner wanting to gain resource access.

IDaaS is also helpful for generating user access reports, given that companies can collect intelligence through it. Through these access management services, businesses can comply with the existing regulatory standards. Companies found neglectful of the rules and regulations, especially during data breaches, are held liable. The cost can be costly enough to shut down business operations.

With compliance on the line, companies must look for a reputable identity as a service provider. Here are factors that small, startup and large-scale enterprises can consider:

Offer Various Identity Management Tools

Reliable IDaaS providers can give companies access to different tools for managing identities. Aside from this, their solutions are also easy to integrate across multi-channels. This is important because access requirements change once the user logs in to a different device, causing friction people do not like. 

A good IDaaS solution can provide users with a single sign-on (SSO) framework or federated identity with multi-factor authentication (MFA). Such makes login procedures uninterrupted for faster transaction completion in different network environments.

Type of Security Solution Used

As stated earlier, securing confidential data is critical for building trust between the company and users. With this, companies must check the security scheme employed by the IDaaS provider. 

Businesses can opt for providers that secure data using biometric-based solutions. Biometrics offers a high level of security because these physiological details are unique to each person. Every individual has a different fingerprint or retina imprint, so copying, stealing, or sharing them is almost impossible. 

Their Solution is Customizable

IDaaS solutions must be accessible for on-premise and mobile devices. Companies looking for an IDaaS provider should pick one whose solution is configurable. This way, the company employees and users can achieve optimal performance during work and transactions.

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By Linda

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