Do you want to learn domain flipping? Buying and selling domain names is a lucrative business but it is very difficult to market domain names to targeted audiences.

Listing alone on sites such as Flippa Godaddy, Sedo, Aftermarket will not help you until you do outbound marketing. You have to reach potential customers who are interested in investing in your domain names.

Those people are domain investors and domain resellers. If you list on domain auction sites like Flippa, Godaddy, Sedo etc. You are bound to sell domain through them and share the commission, if the sale is successful. You will be charged a listing fee for every domain you list.

There are buyers and there are chances that most people will click on your domain and land on domain url. On loading, If they see a form of make offer. They can directly shoot an offer to you. You don’t need to share the commission with anyone.

You can sell your domain names directly to interested people. All you need is a responsive domain for sale template which has “ make an offer” form which is attractive and eye catching for your user.

Anyone who is interested in your domain name lands on it, and sends an offer to you.

The one thing you have to do is get more potential customers to your domain for sale landing page template, which is a very difficult task. Let’s put some light on how you can land potential customers to your landing page.

How to sell domain names with “ domain for sale” Landing page?

You have to do a lot of activities behind the scene to market your domain names. You have to reach potential buyers, startups and companies and show them your domain names. The audience should be targeted, We only want those people who are interested in your domain name. Getting irrelevant traffic here will not help anyone. One more thing, always make use of sell backlinks on your site as https looks more secure

Here your marketing skills will be tested. Let’s start with the basics of selling domains through the landing page. The example of a “Domain for sale” landing page

inTime is a responsive, clean and modern domain sale WordPress plugin. This plugin has a design which is being packed with many features. It has many features like WordPress 3.8+, Allow access filter by IP, roles, Enable and Disable coming soon on some specific pages, Responsive layout, Retina display ready Full screen image, social links etc.

This domain is for sale – This template will help you to get offers from potential customers. It must be optimized to get more traffic from search engines.

My domain list – This template again can also be used to promote, manage and sell other related domains. You can also use it to keep track of expiry date and analytics traffic.

Domain names checker – This plugin uses a single short code to get a Domains Names Checker on your blog. The plugin can run in 2 different search modes. You can decide to use the service you wish. You can also turn on the caching of the search results, and even fix the caching removal period meaning for how long you want to wait before the results are refreshed.

You can define your own affiliate registration links, supporting caching of the results. Customize the labels used in the search form, Customize easily the alert messages from the CSS file.

Always buy domain with search volume– This is needed because a lot of buyers search for domain names on Godaddy, they directly land on your website.

I hope the above tips will help you sell domains though domains for sale templates.

If you know about SEO, it is easy for you to understand about the keyword and ranking, you can also check for reference at and learn more about domain flipping.

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