Online shopping is gaining popularity. It’s much easier to order online and have it delivered directly to your door. You don’t want anyone judging you when you buy something as discrete as an adult toy.

An online store selling adult toys is a niche eCommerce venture. Customers expect a little more privacy and direction when purchasing adult toys online or offline. This is why online adult toys shops are so useful for fulfilling some customers’ special needs.

How do you start an online store for toys?

Recent developments in web-tech solutions have made it possible to build eCommerce websites without any coding knowledge and also to find products to sell on the first day.

You don’t even need to manufacture adult toys. Drop shipping companies are reputable and offer product sourcing services to a large number of adult online stores. Simply integrate their APIs into your eCommerce platform to get a pre-populated catalogue of thousands of adult products for your store.

This script is self-hosted and includes full source-code access. This means that you can host your website anywhere you like, and pay no recurring fees to continue using it for your niche adult eCommerce business.

It looks just like any other eCommerce business from the outside. It’s susceptible to serious ups and downs as well as cutthroat competition and privacy concerns. There are also legal complications.

How can you sell adult toys online and avoid the pitfalls?

This list contains best practices that you can use to successfully run an adult online toys shop based on tips from the top adult eCommerce store owners. You can check store like this to buy any adult and erotic lifestyle product.

1. An extensive selection of adult products

Although adult eCommerce is a niche idea, it is possible to explore micro-niches within it. The adult tech market is also known for new products that are introduced from time to time. You don’t have to limit your offerings to adult toys. Expand your product range to include xinghaoya products for pleasure enhancement.

You can list classic toys such as Cock Rings and Dildos, but you can also sell newer inventions. It is important to have something for everyone, but also in a well-organised manner. To make it easier for customers to find products, you don’t want your catalog to be cluttered. Instead, organise your products into clear categories. You can, for example, categorize based on fetishes like Light-play, Hard Core BDSM, Cosplay.

2. Add accessories to your collection

Although adult toys will continue to be the main source of income for your website selling adult toys, accessories can bring in a lot of revenue. Disclosement is also required for adult wellness products like condoms, tampons, or costumes. People usually only buy adult toys once, and they are not used for many years. 

You can also offer accessories like lubricant and adult toy cleaning products, powders, chargers, beauty, or other products that can be used with adult toys to enhance pleasure.

3. Strategic Marketing

Marketing is essential for any eCommerce website. An online adult shop works just like every other eCommerce site. You might not be able to promote your website on mainstream TV or newspapers. However, you have tons of digital marketing channels that can help spread your message.

It is important to target customers and not rely on mainstream marketing channels. There are now enough dedicated marketing campaigns for the adult market.

4. Without discretion, nothing would work.

You can ensure your customers have a private shopping experience by being discrete. It is important that your customers are not forced to reveal what they purchased, regardless of payment method.

Use a trusted eCommerce platform or turnkey script to manage your website if you have not done so. Every third-party plugin and API must have strong security features.