Mobile mothers: how to build stronger brands with the most influential  consumer segment

For the most part, the smartphones were a camera of excellent quality in our hands at all times, and this contributed to increasingly register our day-to-day and, mainly, the growth of our sons and daughters. Below are ways to take pictures of your kid with a smartphone.

1 – One Of The Essential Things For Good Photos Is To Follow Some Basic Rules Of Photography.

Framing, composition, and angle – For pictures of children being at the same height as the child makes all the difference! Get down and be at her height when taking the photo. This will make you have the same angle of view and even better understand what she is doing, also, that way you can have a more beautiful framing, exploring objects in the scene according to the child’s actions and achieving a composition in the scene as a whole that helps to tell better what was happening at that time.

Look at the whole of the Image – See if there is no object in the scene that does not need to be in the photo, move around, approach the child or change the position of the cell phone to remove that object from the photo or if necessary and possible, remove it physically even. Sometimes there is a plant, the part of a piece of furniture, or a person that does not need to be there. Perception and attention are the keywords at that moment, download great editing apps like in a good outcome of picture.

2 – Anticipate The Moment

Do you know when the child is doing one thing, and you realize that a funny reaction will arise from that point, or he will probably do something else, either with a toy or with some other object from the place that is legal to register? So, enjoy these moments and anticipate them, be prepared

3 – Practice Detachment.

We know that we don’t always get it right, and not all photos look good; luckily; luckily with the advent of digital, we can try to get it right and get the photo the way we want it (or as close as possible). But who never came across the message saying that they had no bad storage space? The best way to avoid this is to practice Detachment, yes, deleting the photos that didn’t look good – shaky, out of focus, w / eyes closed, the child turned right on time – that’s right, erase everything that doesn’t fit, that only it gets in the way. Sometimes we miss an extraordinary moment due to a lack of space for new photos. The best way to save your photos is to print them! (Spoiler of an upcoming article – What to do with the beautiful photos on your phone.

By Linda

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