Geo locked content is a common occurrence throughout the world where streamers and broadcasters put locks on their content to make sure that only a select audience can watch the shows. This is done by viewing IP addresses from online users who are trying to log on to watch the content available. If an IP address shows up which is not within the preset boundaries, the user will not be able to watch the show and will instead be confronted with an error message which reads something along the line of ‘not available in this territory’.

Annoying as it there are many reasons that these restrictions are put in place, including specific clauses in contracts which refer to shows, plot, characters and of course the actors in the shows too. Marketing deals with local businesses also come in to play as businesses want to advertise to specific people and regions which are relevant to their everyday business. 

For those across the world who want to watch other content, but can’t, there is a way of unlocking a whole world of content with little effort. 

Step by step to unlocked content

Get connected

Accessing exclusive content or being able to watch Netflix abroad (Netflix in het buitenland) will involve a VPN connection. These services are widely available online and can open you up to so many possibilities online. 

To get started you will want to make sure your connection is working by identifying your IP address. You will know if it’s working if your showing IP address is private or showing up differently to how it normally looks. This means you are effectively hidden.

Choose your location

In order to view specified geo-locked content, you will need to hook up to a VPN server which is located and working in that specified territory. For example, if you want to watch exclusive content in the Netherlands, you will need to join up with a server which is based within the Dutch borders. 

By joining up the Dutch server you will be allocated a Dutch IP address which will in turn fool broadcasters into thinking that you are actually viewing the content from the Netherlands and not from abroad.

Log in

Not many streaming sites allow you to view content without subscribing or logging in. Each individual website will have its own logging in system which is user-friendly and easy to use. You may be asked to verify your account so hop through emails to complete the process as you normally would. 

Get streaming

Once you have completed the login sequence and have all the required account details etc, you will then be able to start watching Netflix amerika as much as you like. There will be all the content at your fingertips for that region, but remember if you want to watch content from another region you will need to log out of your current IP address and log back in on another IP. 

By Linda

Linda Green: Linda, a tech educator, offers resources for learning coding, app development, and other tech skills.