Facebook is a preferred social network of most businesses as they are planning their marketing strategy and wishing to implement it on social media.  Top brands are making the optimum use of Facebook to increase the counts of their fans. Some have become experts, but many are trying to learn to be effective. However, the internet is getting more likes and fans on is also growing in interest daily as more audiences are using their mobile devices to access the internet and social media.

YouTube and Twitter also echo the same in social media networks. There is a fondness towards Facebook as it offers a multi-media rich ecosystem to assist the marketing of businesses on Facebook.  However, businesses learning to apply effective tactics in participating and engaging Facebook include a few questions such as:

  • How frequently posting should be done?
  • How to drive fan engagement with posts?
  • When to publish the wall updates?

The answer is to post at the best time and it is when the fans are available on Facebook between 8 pm and 7 am. This is the time you can see the likes and comments being posted and can find an increase in the fan counts.

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The best day is every day if your brand and content are engaging and interesting. Once your fans get the taste of your presentation, they will be on the lookout for your posts. Most brands regularly post. However, to see improvement in the engagement, publishing on Sundays and Wednesdays is recommended.

Finally, engagement matters. Having an engaged audience on Facebook means they want to know about your brand.  Thus, there is a need to increase engagement on Facebook to see the increase in their fan counts.


Tips to increase fan counts through engagement:


  • Inform or entertain

The audience of your Facebook will not engage soon as they are not for any sales pitch. They like engaging with content that brings a smile, improves life or makes them think.  Find ways to seek engagement, that matters.  It is tricky to know the needs and wants of your audience. Check the Facebook Page insights to get to know your audiences. Create meaningful connections after determining responsive content with your fans. Most-engaging posts are sure to bring more engaging followers and an increase in the fan count.


  • Concentrate on Quality and keep it precise

People move quickly through content rather than watching and paying attention to the many videos or graphics they click on and watch. Remember, ensure good quality, but it need not be expensive or complicated. Facebook enjoys keeping things simple with recognizable images and a consistent color scheme.  Facebook is mostly used on mobile devices and it means the user spends just a few seconds to get the content.  Thus, keep the post sweet and short to get quick attention. It should be enticing that the reader should go on scrolling to the end. People recall content and may revisit, and this is the time for CTA.

  • Use images

Facebook photo posts are done to get more engagement rates. A customer photo or a product close-up picture works well. There is no need for a fancy photo.  If you lack photography skills, use stock photography and ensure the post content is relevant to get more fan counts.


  • Make a broadcast or video live

Video posts bring in higher engagement in comparison to the photo posts. Videography is inexpensive and can be captured through mobile phones.  Live videos do bring the highest engagement and getting more interaction is interesting. Adding a humor dose to suit your brand is sure to increase the fan count.


  • Ask some question

To increase the fan counts on Facebook, kick an active thread of comments by posing an interesting question such as:

  • Why do you (appreciate this brand or event)?
  • How do you (Consider to take this into action)?
  • What is your preferred choice (Fill the blank)?


Ask your fans information about the content type that they wish to see. Give them the right information. This will ensure targeted content and more engagement.


  • Respond to fans

If people comment on your posts, value their time by replying to them. Everyone likes to be heard, and fans engaging with you will anticipate a response in return. Ascertain there is a team to monitor and respond to the comments, in case you lack time as you are busy in the product details. Even a simple comment is enough as that is all expected. There may be some people expecting more response, but when someone looks for a customer service relating response, do not miss it. Give an appropriate follow up or direct them to the appropriate channel so that they get a convincing response.


  • Stay active on Facebook

You can create a group on Facebook so that fans get to engage and involve. The Facebook groups have millions of members and getting meaningful interactions is possible when you target particular groups. Thus, you can create loyalty and engagement.  Joining Facebook groups is the best way of staying active on Facebook, connecting with industry leaders and fellow entrepreneurs.

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