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YouTube is a video streaming platform that has been around for quite some time. However, a couple years ago, Instagram decided they wanted to gain a little ground in this tech area. It was at that time when people had to decide between IGTV versus YouTube. Many people had already been watching YouTube for years and weren’t keen on switching. Others were excited to have yet another option for their video watching needs.


IGTV made its debut in 2018. Instagram had a successful platform at that time, but they wanted to start being known as a video platform too. Videos were already starting to pop up on Instagram, but they were short at 15 seconds or less. The new IGTV videos were at least 60 seconds in length and could reach up to 60 minutes.

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All IGTV videos needed to be uploaded through the specific IGTV app. However, everyone didn’t need to download that app if they wanted to test out watching the new IGTV videos. People could easily go to the discover page on the Instagram app and choose IGTV from the search bar. Searching for specific IGTV videos was also possible through this search bar or the actual IGTV app.

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Some people were confused with this new format at first, especially those who were uploading videos. A few users would start uploading a video, thinking it would go into their stories. But if the video was 60 seconds or longer, it would instantly be turned into an IGTV video without warning. Issues also arose for those people who tried to upload videos horizontally. The IGTV platform only works for vertical videos, which are best watched on smartphones.

IGTV has recently gone through a few changes that include those videos merging with feed videos. All videos on Instagram are now known as Instagram Videos.


YouTube was launched back in 2005. Millions of people utilize this site every single day to watch videos of all types. The videos on YouTube can be accessed via smartphone, tablet, laptop, desktop, and television. This allows a little more flexibility to those watching the videos.

All a person needs to do is open up YouTube and they can start streaming a video. Searching for videos on YouTube is just as simple. Typing a specific topic, keyword, or name into the search bar will always yield multiple results.

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There are other ways people can access YouTube videos as well. Most businesses will embed YouTube videos in numerous places. Those places include website, social media posts, and emails.

Once a person utilizes YouTube more frequently, they may find themselves receiving video suggestions. This normally occurs when a person subscribes to channels, creates playlists, and even comments on videos.

IGTV and YouTube Differences

There are many differences when it comes to IGTV versus YouTube.

  1. Uploading Content

YouTube videos can only be 15 minutes long unless a person has a verified account. Those people with verified YouTube accounts can post videos that are 12 hours long or less. All IGTV videos can be up to 60 minutes long. The downside with uploading videos onto IGTV is all videos must be vertical. Any horizontal videos would need to be edited prior to uploading on this platform.

  • Finding Content

Finding content on IGTV versus Instagram is quite different. IGTV’s search engine is not as easy to use as YouTube’s. Plus, hundreds of hours of content are uploaded onto YouTube every hour. Newer videos are not added as frequently on IGTV. This means people relying on IGTV for their content will not have as much to watch as YouTube followers.

  • The Interface of the Platforms

IGTV can only be accessed on mobile devices, while YouTube can be accessed on all types of devices. Therefore, YouTube is more flexible for users both at home and on the go.

  • Analytics and Insights of Videos

On IGTV, a person can only see how many people have viewed and liked the videos they shared. This provides some insight, but not enough to make an informed decision of which videos their audience likes the best. YouTube offers more analytic and insight options, so people can see how their videos are helping their brand grow.

  • Monetizing

Everyone posting videos wants the chance to earn money from them. IGTV does not have a monetizing option, so the only way a person will make money from their videos is if the person watching makes a purchase from the business website. This is not helpful to those people who are not selling anything.

On YouTube, channel owners that have at least 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 hours of viewing time can monetize their videos using Google AdSense. They will then make money every time a viewer watches an ad that pops up within their video.

It can be difficult to choose between IGTV and YouTube for many people. Some people will stick with one or the other, while a select few will watch videos on both. Since IGTV is still changing how it works, YouTube appears to be the winner when asked IGTV versus YouTube. Therefore, you will see many more YouTube marketing services available for that platform instead of IGTV.

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