The IT sector is facing a layoff in jobs due to automation. According to research conducted on the market, by 2020 there will be a demand of three lakh mobile app developers in the country. In such a situation, the growing demand for mobile apps will be opportunities for millions of jobs in the coming years. According to a research, every mobile consumer in India spends at least 52 minutes on the mobile app every day. In such a situation, mobile app development courses can prove to be excellent for the coming engineers plant. Opting for the Top 10 Mobile app development companies in India happens to be essential there now.

Mobile app changed the world of communication

In the last few years, mobile and mobile apps have completely changed the way people communicate, do business and do news and entertainment. Traders, consumers and programmers have made this communication medium a part of their lives. With the increasing popularity and demand for apps, demand from app developers has also increased. In such a situation, the demand for mobile app related courses has also increased among the students. Automation is becoming increasingly difficult to keep up with day-to-day jobs in the IT sector.

This degree is important

Most employers are looking for mobile developers who have bachelor’s degrees in certain streams. These streams include Software Engineering, Mobile Application Development, Mobile Computing and Computer Science. Apart from this, employers also give priority to any computer program based course. According to the employers in the IT sector, their availability is very low according to the needs of mobile developers. In the coming five years, the mobile app job market will grow rapidly. According to a report, by 2020 there will be a demand of three lakh mobile app developers in the job market. Most of them will be working on iOS and Adrenoid apps.


Mobiganosis is an online education company that teaches mobile app development through virtual classes. Their training programs are designed specifically for software development companies who want to know more. These allow students and professionals to design courses for Mobile App Testing, HTML5, J Cuiri Mobile, CSS3, PhoneGap, Jamarin, Titanium, SINCHA and UX. With Mobignosis, you can sit anywhere and do the course only through a computer and Internet connection. Workshops are also organized for companies.

Genius port

The head office of Genius Port is in Bangalore and one of its branches is located in Pune. The institute offers courses in mobile app development. There are limited seats available in the institute. Excellent mobile app developers originate from this institute. They offer excellent training and courses in Adrenoid, iOS, Windows 8 and HTML5. It is considered one of the top mobile technology companies in India. Genius Port provides training to students as well as many IT companies. Professionals can also enroll in their weekend classes.

Good Salary will start

Knowledge of different computer languages ​​will make you more employable for app development. The higher the level is of knowledge in coding, the better will be the salary. Currently, the average salary of a mobile app developer is between Rs 3 lakh and Rs 14 lakh annually. App developers are offered even better salary abroad. Salary in an area is decided based on experience and information. Apart from this, it is also very important to continuously upgrade the skill to get good salary.