Users often leave their devices unprotected, and do not have any antivirus and firewall software installed on their computer, which leaves it exposed to various kinds of malware. If you use such an unprotected computer, your device and data are at risk. Often users do not realize at once when a virus infects the computer. Here are a few of the symptoms of an infected computer, which you must keep in mind so that in case your computer gets corrupted, you will know that it has been attacked by malware:

  • Your computer will run slower than it does normally.
  • The screen may display pop-ups suddenly, irrespective of whether you’re online or offline.
  • Some programs may fail to open, run very slowly, or close all of a sudden.
  • Browser(s) may malfunction and not display one or more websites.
  • Your computer’s driver may have problems in recognizing external devices.
  • A blue screen will be displayed with an error code.

In case you detect these problems and malfunctions on your computer, immediately contact and seek help from a professional to stop further corruption of your data.

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How to prevent your Computer from getting infected?

To prevent your computer from being attacked and corrupted by malicious software, you need to download and install an antivirus program on your PC. Antivirus software will detect, prevent and take steps to disarm or remove malware from your computer. Besides that, it also helps your computer to prevent or remove unwanted spyware and install ad-blockers, and also help your other software stay updated. You can download the best antivirus program (โปรแกรม antivirus ที่ดีที่สุด, term in Thai) for your PC from among many options.

How does an Antivirus Work?

Antivirus software will first check your computer programs and then compare them to the common and known types of malicious software. In addition to that, it will scan your computer for symptoms of the presence of new and unknown malware. For scanning and detecting viruses and malware, antivirus software generally uses three techniques- specific detection, generic detection, and heuristic detection. After thoroughly scanning and detecting the virus, the antivirus will clear the virus (ล้างไวรัส, which is the term in Thai) and get rid of it from your computer so that your PC doesn’t get infected.

Although these detection tools are extremely effective, no antivirus can practically be 100% foolproof. Chances of getting your computer infected even after using an antivirus are low, however, it is not impossible. In such cases, call a professional right away.

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