t’s fun to travel across the country in an RV as it offers the flexibility and freedom to travel wherever you want at a low cost. While it gives you all the basic amenities, you may find it difficult to connect with the online world without a reliable Wi-Fi connection on the road.

AT&T Wireless provides a wide range of packages for a smooth internet connection to post your travel photos, stream your favorite movies, and play music when you’re off the grid. Check out their plans at BuyTVInternetPhone to stay connected in your RV.

So, if you own an RV, here are some ways to get internet for your RV:

Product NamePriceFeaturesProsCons
For RV parksBearifi BearExtender Wi-Fi Extender Antenna$59.97Wi-Fi 5Compatible with Windows onlyMultiple mounting optionsUSB poweredSingle-computer useAffordableUSB poweredConnects only one deviceCompatible with Windows only
For living permanently / long termNomad Internet$149.00 per monthFor T-Mobile or Verizon networkEasy setup4G LTE speedsAccess to unlimited dataUnlimited data & Wi-Fi for every connected deviceNo contract requiredCosts higher than fixed 4GInconsistent speeds
For trips over the weekendT-Mobile’s Inseego 5G MiFi M2000$336.00 (One time SIM card fee applied)Wi-Fi 65G connectionUSB-C portMultiple device support (up to 30 devices)Limited availability of 5GSupports T-Mobile networks only

Which internet solution is suitable for your RV?

You’ll find various options for RV internet, but the best one depends on how long you’ll stay at a place, how many times you’ll go on a trip, your internet usage, and where you’re heading for a trip. Here are some solutions to stay connected to the internet on the go:

Portable 4G internet device

If RV is like your second home, you can enjoy the comforts of your home by getting a reliable internet plan. Unlike home 4G plans, a portable 4G LTE connection provides high broadband speeds without needing a specific address.

Best portable 4G LTE devices

PlanPriceCompatible networksData cap
Ladybug WirelessStarting at $124.99per monthVerizonAT&TT-Mobile300-700 GB
Nomad InternetInternet starts at &149.00 per monthVerizonT-MobileUnlimited
UbiFiStarting at $129.99AT&TUnlimited

Wi-Fi Extender

If you regularly visit RV parks or places that offer access to public Wi-Fi, you don’t need to get a device with a data plan. You can simply invest in a Wi-Fi extender to improve weak or distant signals coming from the public networks.

Best Wi-Fi extenders

ProductPriceWi-Fi version4G compatibleRebroadcasts
ALFA Network WiFi CampPro 2v2$164.99Wi-Fi 4 (n)NoYes
Bearifi BearExtender Wi-Fi Extender Antenna$59.97Wi-Fi 5 (ac)NoNo

Mobile hotspot

You can have a reliable internet connection on the road with a mobile hotspot. It offers flexibility at an affordable price. All you need is a SIM card and a data plan to get access to your mobile hotspot; however, it comes with a long-term pricing plan.

Best mobile hotspots

Product namePriceNetworkMaximum number of devices
Alcatel LINKZONE$69.99All networks18
T-Mobile’s Inseego 5G MiFi M2000$336.00 (One time SIM card fee applied)T-Mobile network30

For trips over the weekend—T-Mobile Inseego 5G MiFi M2000

If you are a frequent traveler who goes out of town for weekend trips, T-Mobile Inseego 5G MiFi M2000 offers a flexible and reliable internet connection. It works just as simply as your phone and wirelessly connects you to a provider’s network. This hotspot broadcasts a Wi-Fi network that can be connected to your devices, including tablets and laptops.

For RV parks—Bearifi BearExtender Wi-Fi Extender Antenna

Since many sites don’t offer public Wi-Fi with strong signals and good coverage, getting a Bearifi BearExtender Wi-Fi Extender Antenna is the most affordable option for internet connection when you are sitting at a library, or fast-food chain, retail store, or any location that gives access to free Wi-Fi. It allows you to increase your wireless range for better connection even if there’s a distance between you and the transmitter.

For living permanently / long term—Nomad Internet

If you’re planning to travel for the long term or permanently, or you travel for months, it’s better to invest in a long-term internet connection like a 4G internet device. While a portable 4G device is pricier than a standard 4G internet at home, Nomad Internet is the best option for RVs. It imposes no data caps so you could consume as much data as you want. The best part? It includes all the initial costs with its one-time membership fee, there’s no need to pay for any additional equipment. Depending on your needs, you can choose between a battery-powered travel router or a standard router that can be plugged into a wall socket.

Our verdict:

Since you’ll be traveling in an RV, it’s always a good idea to choose the cheapest option available that offers sufficient data according to your needs. But, if you’re planning to live in your RV full-time, you’ll want to invest in a reliable connection that can be carried everywhere.

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