A virtual private network is extending to private networks from the public with some data security communication. This enables users to send and receive data across platforms.

Applications that run across VPNs benefit from the functions, security, and management of private security.

Through VPN the resources can be shared remotely, the data in private security.

Many VPNs are available for Windows, Android, and iOS applications. Let us see about the top VPN for Windows which provides global internet encryption with lightning speed and faster with a maximum of 5 devices attached.

Windows VPN

In personal computers top VPN in Windows gives high-grade protocol, speed data transfer, and king geo limitations. It is one of the best caterers of VPN in Windows among other competitors.

With this top VPN, you can unblock the applications that are no more in our geo limitations. It connects to various platforms within the software.   Like streaming video Netflix, Hulu, BBC and games like pubg, Roblox. Just a click away to reach all these platforms.


With its high-security safeguards, it prevents interception by any third parties.   The encryption technique is functioning and updated to the high security of data when you use online banking and public networks.

VPN has a robust encryption protocol that secures data tightly within your usage.

Lightning speed won’t compromise in giving us the video quality. It provides HD, standard HD, ultra-HD quality videos across the network. Network speed is not limited to VPN; it gives you the boost-up speed.

DNF protection

This protection helps to prevent cybercriminals who steal from your network. iTop VPN prevents the leakage of traffic and spamming.

It allows you to clean up your traces in browsers. It works well in browsers like chrome, Firefox, safari, IE, water for, edge.

VPN links 

Free VPN links are available in top VPN but users are hesitant about the security of free VPN. They have to maintain some structure to process running from users’ benefits to collect data from bot networks.

But iTop VPN provides secure data by securing your IP location and address. Providing content with free access iTop VPN is their mission. with some online privacy and freedom by no spam, gimmicks.

Features of Free VPN

  • No login
  • No sign-up
  • Free servers
  • Fast speed
  • Secure data with the best encryption protocol.

Free VPN for Windows

Hotspot shield

This is one of the best Free VPN for Windows 7. Hotspot basic is their free version

  1. Good speed
  2. Network secure
  3. 2 Mbps cap for downloading /uploading speed
  4. Limits to 500 megabytes traffic.
  5. Easy to use.

Proton VPN

Best for Windows 10 free VPN. This provides three proxies like US, Japan and Netherland.

But the user interface is confusing and hard to work with. This limits your bandwidth unlike hotspot basic online game and streaming is not in proton VPN.

  1. UI is hard
  2. Mediocre speed
  3. Operation confusing
  4. Unlimited traffic
  5. Unstable latency.


One of the best free VPN services for Windows with its updated technique. This is one of the top free VPN providers.

  1. Mediocre user interface
  2. Daily traffic of 700 megabytes.
  3. Fast in speed 
  4. Less bandwidth occupation.
  5. No lag in latency

Before going for a paid VPN go for these best free VPN for Windows providers with just a click download. Use it and see what you want if it satisfies your needs in gaming, streaming videos or any security.

Without any pay and manual settings, get a free VPN for your Windows and use it. Above are all available free VPN services in Windows 7 and 10.