Portable Document Format file has become more and more popular to users because it is easy to read, share, and print. But, aside from this fact, the context of any PDFs are also difficult to tamper with and edit. Hence, once the file is shared in PDF form, the content can’t be altered nor modified. 

However, this task isn’t impossible to achieve. You can convert your PDF into an editable document format such as Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, and even Excel. The question is, How? There are different ways to transform your PDF file format, but the easiest and fastest way to make it done is through an online PDF conversion tool, such as the PDFBear. 

To know more about this online platform, below are some of the conversion processes it offers, and read on to discover the good things behind it. 

How to Convert PDFs into Microsoft Word Document?

Gone are the days where you need to scan every PDF page if you want to convert them into an editable Microsoft Word Document. With today’s more advanced technology, web-based services are born to make your conversion task more convenient, efficient, and fast; one of them is the PDFBear.  

This online platform is the best choice if you’re looking for a convert PDF to Word free tool that can provide an output in less than a minute. Besides that, PDFBear has a wide range of compatibility compared to its competitors. It is supported by different operating systems and can be accessed through various devices such as tablets, laptops, and smartphones. 

Plus, you don’t have to worry if you’re using a Macintosh, Windows, or Linux-based systems because PDFBear works well with them too! Furthermore, the hassle-free conversion of this online tool is also one of the reasons why it became so popular with almost everyone. 

How PDFBear’s PDF to Microsoft Word Document conversion tool works? 

  • First, open the PDFBear’s official site; then, from your device, choose the PDF file that you want to turn into an editable word DOCx and upload it on the toolbar. If you’re going to take an easier path to upload your documents, you can also drag your file and drop it directly to the PDFBear server.   
  • Once you have done your part, the converter will analyze your PDF, take out the context, and scan details from your document. 
  • The process will take up a bit of your time, so you can just sit back and wait for the transformation to finish. 
  • In a short while, your newly converted DOCX is ready. You can download it on your PC and modify it as much as you want.  

How to Change PDF Documents into PowerPoint Presentation?

Converting PDF documents to Microsoft PowerPoint Presentation is one of the features offered by the PDFBear. Through its web-based conversion services, you can now transform your PDF pages into high-quality PowerPoint slides in a minute or less. 

On top of that, you can also make sure that the converted PPT document will be in its original format. Moreover, every PowerPoint slide is also 100% editable! With this, you can revise the content of your presentation if you need to. Hence, you can add photos or modify text boxes and shapes of your document’s content to enhance your PPT presentation. 

To show you how simplified the process of PDFBear’s PDF to PPT conversion, take a look at the procedure below:

  • From your computer, manually click the PDF file you need to convert into finely formatted PPT, then upload it to the PDFBear conversion box. 
  • Once the file is transported to the converter’s server, it will analyze your document and start turning it into high-quality and editable PowerPoint slides. 
  • In a short while, the PDF to PPT conversion process will be completed. 
  • After the successful PDF to PPT transformation, you can download the newly converted file right away or share it with your online storage such as Dropbox and Google Drive. 

How to Transform PDF Files into Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet

Another conversion service offered by PDFBear is turning your PDFs into finely formatted Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet. You can utilize this online platform through Mac, Windows, and Linux-based operating systems. You can also convert PDF files from your laptop, tablets, smartphones, and online storage accounts. 

It may be unbelievable, but you can transform your Portable Document Format files into high-quality Excel Spreadsheet by just following four simple steps. Yes, that’s right! It is possible through PDFBear. To try it yourself, here’s the list of things that you have to do:

  • To change your Portable Document Format file to EXL using PDFBear, the first you need to do is to upload the PDF you wish to convert and then drop it on their server. 
  • This platform will start turning your files into a high-quality spreadsheet and done in a minute or less. 
  • Once the conversion is done, you may download and save the newly converted Excel document to your device. 
  • Furthermore, your PDF file will be removed from the PDFBear system after an hour and won’t be accessed anymore.


With PDFBear’s help, converting your Portable Document Format files into Word Docx, PowerPoint slides, and Excel has never been easier than before. Thus, whether it’s for school requirements or work presentations, utilize the free conversion services of this online platform right this instant and get your output in a matter of seconds.    

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