Words games never go out in style. It is still one of the most popular pastimes of many people who love challenges. These days, there are many word game apps that you can easily have access to. Plenty of these are fun and exciting for people of all ages. It’s now easy to find a word game app that you would like, whether for iOS or Android. If you want to know which games are the most trending these days, then read on. 

Words With Friends

Words with Friends 2 and its first version are by far the most popular word game apps in the world. It has been downloaded 10 million times and has active users from all across the globe. There are new updates with the Words with Friends 2, like having a new character and team challenges. The game is highly competitive compared to other word games. There are weekly flash events as well as community challenges. 


Wordscapes is one of the most popular games in the app store. It has more than 10 million downloads and is still counting. With wordscapes, there are around 6,000 puzzles to solve. And as you go through the game, you will be able to unlock more challenging levels. What makes Wordscapes exciting and entertaining are the beautiful sceneries they feature from all over the world. 

The Daily Word Game That's Going Viral On Social Media


Wordament is one of the best Android word games out there. The game has around a million downloads too. Wordament comes with a variety of game board designs making the games more interesting. With Wordament, you can play for fun or compete with thousands of other players around the world. The more you, the better achievement badges you earn. There is no vocabulary requirement or skill level when playing Wordament. As long as you have a good understanding of how the word game works, you’re good to go.

Here’s How To Win Better At Word Games

If you want to be better at any of these games, then you should try using some of the best cheat tools. The one from project LEXICON is the only cheat tool that you will need, especially for the Words With Friends game. This game can get very competitive and you will need as many bonus scores that you can get. And that can only be done if you can think of the most complex words. So no matter which game you want to play from the list above, consider using a cheat tool for a better outcome.

Start Playing Word Games

There are plenty of reasons why you should start playing word games. It’s a challenging game that requires focus and concentration. You need to have a good knowledge of words too. If not, you can always play regularly to broaden your wordbank. With word games, it pays if you know a little bit more of how it works. It’s not only to win better, but you can also learn and use more complex words as you go. 

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