Customer Acquisition for Local Businesses

If you focus on your local area for customer acquisition in your business, SEO could be your new best friend. Your target audience will often search for a new software company, graphic design, or whatever other services they might need, with the keyword of whatever location they are in. If you can rank high on their search results when a potential customer is looking for a new supplier, your message and brand can plug the gap and gather far more potential leads than those who aren’t shown to people at all. No matter how smart your website design, it won’t make a difference if no one can find you.

Multichannel Approaches

The bottom line for successful businesses is spreading your net far and wide, and then narrowing down any potential leads. Relying on social media marketing alone will not get you the same brand awareness with a potential client that appearing on many channels will. You need a strategic plan that makes the most of every suitable channel available to you to make sure you appear to as many people as possible. Clients of all sizes use Google, so SEO is a great place to start.


Brand Authority and Reach

84% of millennials say they don’t like or trust advertising in a digital marketing campaign. People nowadays trust word of mouth or brands they can find through their own research, and that applies to businesses of all sizes. Traditional marketing is outdated: now, we need to have strong brand authority so potential customers will trust us. Appearing on Google searches, whether it’s your main website or your blog, will contribute to that and increase the casual observer’s initial trust in your brand.

Having constant blog posts and relevant resources show up around topics that are relevant to your company cement the idea of your company as a thought leader in people’s minds. Once people believe you have extensive experience in your arsenal, when it comes to them choosing a small business to work with, you will be at the top of their list.

Organic Traffic

The best part is that SEO digital strategy is often one of the few low-cost digital solutions out there (in terms of user acquisition). People finding your site through relevant search terms makes it likely that they will be qualified leads who are genuinely interested in your product or service — plus, you haven’t had to use paid ads to find them. Once you have a strong digital marketing strategy in place, it all really pays for itself. The biggest cost for SEO is patience: it won’t happen overnight. Content creation and building your online presence is a slow and continuous process, but once you have it integrated into the day-to-day running of your company, it’ll become second-nature to everyone.

It’s a strategy that you can have ticking away in the background, and the results will keep on building the more you do. Content marketing is also a dual-focus strategy: think of ways you can use the same content to draw in leads, gather lead information, and more.

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