It is not news to anyone that the fact that Instagram does not offer clickable links in posts is a major problem for directing Instagram traffic to other places, such as your website or blog. The only way to do this the right way is to properly explore your profile, make it appealing to your followers and bridge the gap between your posts and the link in your Instagram bio. Click here to buy Instagram followers.

Instagram profile

Your profile is where you can write who you are, what you do and position yourself correctly before your audience. In addition, you can also place a clickable link to your website, your blog or any other address that makes sense to you. There are also those who are constantly changing this link in the profile and indicating in their posts to click on the profile link. Although it is a very boring strategy, it produces interesting results. You can buy automatic instagram likes in this case now.

Create your own style on Instagram

One of Instagram’s biggest problems is being able to stand out in a network with 500 million active users. It is not easy to get other people’s attention to your content, unless you create your own style. The vast majority of bloggers, for example, use filters and photographic manipulation to create more elegant content. However, almost all of them are quite similar visually. Standing out is fundamental to gaining followers on Instagram.

    • Creating your own visual identity will help you stand out from the rest of the content available on the network. Imagine a user scrolling through your Instagram feed and encountering visually different content. This content will attract more attention, right? This attention and focus are essential to generate a better result in terms of interaction with your profile and respective contents.
  • Another thing you should use is subtitles in videos. They help the user to consume their content without the need to turn on the smartphone sound. At the same time, as Instagram videos play automatically, this will help to capture user’s attention to your content more easily. For that manager gram  can offer you the best support.

Professional Profiles

Instagram has been creating professional profiles for some time. Unlike a personal profile, the professional profile on Instagram gives you other tools to make your profile even more popular on the network, such as the presentation of your email and phone contact, your address, among other options. A professional profile also allows you to access more interesting statistical data about your posts, create ads faster on Instagram, etc.


Go to your Instagram profile and click on the gear on the right. You will enter the account settings of your Instagram profile. If you already have a professional profile, you can view your company’s settings. If you do not have a professional profile, you will have the opportunity to migrate your profile to a professional Instagram profile. Here is the source of the article.