The online fever has taken the world by storm ever since the onset of the pandemic. This is where the digital cyber portals come into vogue. You can even share personal experiences and compare notes on how to overcome emotional, mental or work related issues. However, there are different types of websites which open up, especially for people who have all kinds of ailments.

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The Experience Project was initiated as a digital platform providing support and services to people who had various ailments, could talk and connect to each other. Experience Project is also known as EP in short.  The people who had different health issues could find, connect, talk to and find solace in each other. This kind of online sharing of personal experiences can prove to be a godsend for many people, including the elderly and the ailing, who are unable to travel and leave their homes. The main purpose of establishing a community network support website was for people to interact with each other and find comfort in their suffering. Many sufferers who had lost hope could also draw inspiration from hearing positive and motivational experiences. It is always mandatory for an organization or a website, whether physical or online to stick to the original purpose for which it has been launched. However, slowly but steadily the site became a social networking place as people began to talk more about personal interests rather than sticking to the health issues and sharing of experiences. It can be safely assumed that there are many Experience Project stories during its heyday.  However, people also started using the Experience Project website for inappropriate activities.


Finally, it was announced that the site would be taken down, to avoid any kind of disturbances, virtual or otherwise. Although the Experience Project login was terminated immediately, many of the Experience Project stories and posts could still be viewed publicly till the time of the final site closure.  The Experience Project Archive has been provided as an Experience Project alternative for the users. It is quite inspiring when people share their experiences and others get encouraged. It can happen when a person who is very sick for a long time may not be able to see the brighter side of life. However, with cyber space platforms which provide community support on various issues, the problems are solved instantly.

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