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Watches are a precious instrument you can have. Watches not only tell you the time. They also showcase your taste as a person. With brands vying for attention these days, how can you know that the watch you want to buy is of outstanding quality? This question has always entertained timekeeping minds as watches are objects of luxury that you can flaunt. Brands like Maurice Lacroix, Rolex, Omega, or Seiko are brands of high esteem. 

This is actual, especially when you know you have the best watch that money can buy. Getting a mechanical watch is quite an investment. They don’t come cheap. Their creations took time and enormous resources. They are works of art that you can wear. That is why getting a famous watch brand can make one feel happy. This feeling is like achieving something great in life. Watches have also been associated with victory. Like in the past, people celebrate milestones in their lives by getting a luxury watch. 

Mechanical Watches

These watches are also great gift ideas for people who deserve one’s attention and affection. They are more personal than a car or a house. Getting the most expensive watch for someone is a testament to one’s devotion. 

Mechanical watches also look incredible in all seasons. You can wear these mechanical watches with any style of clothing. You can go to any event or occasion with them. They always catch the eyes, like jewelry pieces, branded shoes, or the car you drove to the party. Mechanical watches are also a way to celebrate tradition. They are passed down as family heirlooms. Their values don’t diminish with them. With these watches, the effort and resources that it took to create them were significant. 

Throughout history, soldiers, rulers, or significant names in history have always been associated with watches. They were given as gifts. They were also used in combat to tell time. This was way before digital watches came into being. Armies used them because of their precision. They’re reliable, and they were also responsible for all the revolutions in the world. 

Plan To Buy Mechanical Watches?

In planning to acquire these watches, there are several things that you need to remember. This knowledge is for those who are new to the trend. For people exploring the intricate beauty of the automatic watch, this list of ideas will be helpful. This list will also increase your appreciation for these types of watches. Thus, not that quartz is inferior. It’s just that mechanical watches took time and effort to make. 

Maurice Lacroix: The Perfect Watch For All Seasons

Mechanical or automatic watches are the trend these days. People want more than being able to tell time. They want to wear something that symbolizes luxury. It symbolizes timelessness and class. But other than the brand’s excellent adherence to quality, there is one thing that you need to know about mechanical watches. 

  1. Mechanical watches are more expensive than quartz – They have more components. Their creations have always been more complicated. Their materials are more rare or costly, which is why they demand a higher price range. Mechanical watches are also the grandfather of all watches. They’re the first watches that all watches came from. The most notable mechanical watches are the Rolex, Omega, Maurice Lacroix, to name a few. 
  2. Mechanical watches are timeless – Batteries do not power them. Note that, as long as you take good care of them and don’t get damaged by accident, they will become a family heirloom. There are two types of mechanical watches:
  3. Winded watches – They need to be winded every 24 to 48 hours. These are the oldest watches in history. They are also fun because it makes you get into the joy of having to wind them after a particular time. It would help if you even adjusted with time.
  4. Automatic watches – These don’t need winding. They rely on your pulse or movement to wind the mechanisms inside. They require less maintenance. These watches are also more expensive than winded watches. 
  5. Mechanical watches are status symbols – If you haven’t known it yet, wearing a mechanical watch means you definitely can afford to spend money on such luxury items. Some people are very particular about this and would never wear battery-powered watches on their wrists. However, some would argue that we need to adapt to technology. That is why there are hybrid watches that are both mechanical and also smartwatches.


Maurice Lacroix has a distinctive design. This is because of its unique watch face and fine bezel. The brand is considered the most luxurious watch you can own. This brand is up there with the best, like Rolex, Omega, and others. The price range of this watch brand is also vast. You can still buy something within your budget or, if you want to go all the way, then you can get something more luxurious.

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