With those names pointed out do different searches combining them. It is not necessary to look for the name of a single company, but those of several to discover where they appear together.

Get seo links

Every time you see them mentioned and with a link on any page, write the web address. Do not be impatient, it is best to spend a few hours in this work to get a few dozen addresses.

Once achieved, you must write an email type of brief extension where you talk about your company, explain that you also dedicate yourself to the same sector and request that they link you.

Surely you will not achieve a rate of links as high as with the previous tactic, but a few quality links that will come from very interesting websites and in which you will appear alongside your competitors. This tactic will also enhance the authority of your website. For the link building services this is important now.

How to get do follow backlinks from company listings

There are many websites that include listings that list people or companies based on a particularity. This can be your geographical location (city, province), work area (web design, marketing), characteristics of the founders or business, products, etc.

Get local seo links

Surely there will be a good number of pages with similar listings that your company can fit into. That your direct competitors do not appear you do not have to see it as an obstacle. They may not have used this technique and thus succeed in highlighting in your sector.

  • To make this dofollow backlink creation easier to execute, we will divide it into two subsections.

Analyze your company

  • Prepare a list of the characteristics that your company gathers and the different works you do in it.
  • You may work on web positioning, but also SEM, inbound marketing, SEO audits, etc.
  • Any small nuance or secondary service is a possibility for a new backlink.

Then assess geographically where you are, from the neighborhood or residential area to the province. If you are in a bilingual territory, consider both languages ​​and the benefits that companies that work in the language of the autonomous community usually have , info on internet marketing

The most personal characteristics may also be worthwhile: if you are an entrepreneur, if you are a young person, the foundations that subsidized you … Even details that offer such a good image as if you donate part of the benefits to an NGO or if you sponsor a cultural event or sports.

Search listings where your business fits

Once you have clear the factors that can detail your business, you have to look for these company listings and contact them to get those dofollow backlinks or in some cases nofollow, but this should not worry you since this type of backlinks also positively affect to your positioning.

It will not be a job that takes too long and you will surely get quick results because the same pages and directories should be updated.

If they ask you for money to appear on their website we do not recommend that you pay. These kinds of sites are increasingly penalized by the Google algorithm and in the long run the effect will be negative. The vast majority of pages will do it for free, do not spend money just to get one more backlink.