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The term social listening is ubiquitous today, and there are tens of businesses from small to large that have entered the social perception arena with new tools that allow companies to monitor terabytes of data about their activities. This type of data is allowing businesses to stay ahead of negative feedback they are receiving from consumers on social media. Also, the same tools are being used to help respond to customer needs. For example, while a company can use social media tools to reflect upon their performances, it can also use the same tools to respond in real-time to consumer and customer care.

Responding to Positive Feedback

Recently a large conglomerate food chain, TacoBell®, was made aware during a national promotion that customers in a specific geographical of the country they serve were dissatisfied that the company was limiting a particular ingredient the customers desired in greater quantity. With the right social media awareness tools set up in advance, it made it easy for the giant conglomerate to tailor its promotion for the customers in a particular region of the country. The positive feedback was welcomed and applauded by the consumers.

NetBase Social Listening Tools

NetBase uses social listening tools combined with artificial intelligence to draw reasonable inclinations in user interest. These drawn user data points then can be used to influence the way a company approaches consumers on future or present marketing campaigns. NetBase is being used by hundreds of successful companies to help understand consumer inclinations, needs, preferences, and shopping habits through comprehensive data analysis of social media listening tools. Having the ability to give positive feedback to consumers in real-time who have been negatively influenced by wrong or adverse opinions is an active bouncing board for successful consumer relations.

Responding to Negative Feedback

There are times when a consumer hears a lousy review or receives a wrong opinion about a company, and going by what they have listened to; it affects the future shopping habits of a customer. When a company has proper social listening tools set across their social media, they can catch various negative social media threads as they develop by responding to them directly or address the people who have been negatively influenced. When a crisis occurs, a company must return to the challenge immediately. Respond appropriately to adverse problems with crisis management tools set up within the business. Having crisis management tools within the social listening tools is one way of catching the crisis and addressing it immediately. Controlling the chaos that surrounds a crisis can be streamlined and pre-decided options already prepared. Also, by using social listening tools properly, a business can learn to control the chaos and move the conversation to a stronger branded presence by directly engaging with consumers.

Finding the Driving Sentiment

When a company can locate the driving sentiment within a conversation, it can be accessed and addressed by the company. For this to happen, the company needs to have specific listening tools that can pinpoint where problems are being discussed about a brand and what issues are most likely to emerge through correct analysis of consumer input through social media. First, all negative data needs to be collected and analyzed before the center of the problem can be located in real-time and can be addressed. It is much like a consumer who enters a store and dislikes the way they were treated but didn’t voice the opinion until they were on their social media stream of choice. A company that catches these issues and addresses the consumer with positive feedback can bring negative input to a positive resolution.

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