Whatsapp is something that you can find in almost every android phone and iPhone. It works though the dialing number.Though it is loaded with features like status, groups and more,it lacks features that should have been included in it. Like, you cannot run two accounts simultaneously from the same app. Also, you cannot download another version of whatspp on the same device to run two accounts. You can deal with this problem by installing a modified version of it in your device. Gb whatsapp is the best modification available for it which you can download easily through which you can use different accounts on the same device.

Special Features

One of the best features of this app is that it is not present in the original version of the app. This feature allows you to view the deleted content. The messages, media and status that are deleted from everyone on the whatsapp can be seen in this mod of whatsapp. Another great feature of this app is that you get various themes with it so that you can change the theme whenever you feel bored. There is also an automatic answer feature available which can be used only for business accounts.

Transfer of data from iPhone to android

There are also some apps through which you can connect the android phone with iPhone but for it you need to have a computer. You need to connect both the phones with computer via USB cables. Then you need to open the app in the computer. It will be displayed on the computer. To Whatsapp transferir iphone para android, open whatsapp of that phone to which you want to transfer the data. You will be asked permission to “allow” the access in the other device. Then, by clicking on yes, you can have the data transferred.

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