SEO is not synonymous with marketing. The goal is to improve a brand’s visibility and drive traffic to a website. The ultimate measure is new customer acquisition. However, innovations make understanding SEO ever more challenging than a single metric.

Fundamental Aspects of SEO Company Operations

While few experts dare say that they completely understand the SEO industry (especially amid innovation), there are some key strategies that have dictated success. These are:

  • catering to user experiences
  • decisive social media impact
  • keywords that distinguish your brand
  • tracking and targeting marketing campaigns
  • a focus on mobile technology

Keep in mind that while some concepts like focusing on customer experiences are obvious business practices, others like mobile technology are more recent trends. Innovation and trends are often dependent, whereas these fundamentals persist.

7 Trends Impacting SEO in 2019

Here is a list of some of the most impactful trends for SEO this year:

  • know your customer and overall audience
  • content remains king
  • optimize visual searches
  • voice search
  • structure content for AI
  • being even more mobile
  • blockchain technology

Understanding the audience of a brand is among the first things that marketing and SEO professionals do. This is probably the most obvious trend that is vital to SEO success. The next established principle is the value of content. Audience and content need to be determined before a visual search can be optimized. It is important that AI is part of the initial decisions and then rechecked to align with innovation. Brands need to be mobile minded because software is now generally developed with this technology in mind first. Blockchain is listed last. However, an increasing number of people believe that this is a revolutionary technology on the brink of ushering in a new internet.

The Makings of a Successful SEO Company

SEO has always been a rapidly innovating industry. Companies that refuse to evolve get left behind. Status Labs is an example of a company with the flexibility to adopt the latest strategies to succeed in the modern online marketplace. The company is headquartered in Austin, Texas with U.S. offices in New York and Los Angeles. It also has international offices in London and São Paulo.

The reputation of Status Labs is impressive. Consider how the company has maintained its status on the list of “Inc. 5000 list of the fastest-growing private companies in the U.S.” for the past four years. This was no accident. Status Labs’ business strategy has worked in and outside of the U.S. It has also delivered results both as a small startup and with substantial growth. Status Labs’ recognition extends even to the Fortune 500 companies.

A Resilient Business Model

So what exactly makes Status Labs the “gold standard” for an SEO company? It may be hard to put a finger on a single thing that leads to success in this fast-paced industry. What we do know is that it combines a variety of disciplines in a reputation management and SEO company. These include marketing, product development, digital and political consulting, public relations, crisis communication, deep assessment, and innovative strategies.

Alone, each of these are powerful. Together, they can seemingly work magic. However, it is not easy to bring together all of these things under a single company. It is even harder to do it in the face of rapid innovation. Status Labs, however, does just that.


By Linda

Linda Green: Linda, a tech educator, offers resources for learning coding, app development, and other tech skills.