Marriage is usually a very important part of one’s life. It is the promise to stay together till death. But like all great things, not all marriages are smooth. Things get complicated; your partner might fall out of love with you and might be seeing someone else. They might be cheating on you and you need to find out. Proving that your spouse is cheating also helps your divorce case. Here are a few technical tools using which you can be certain that your spouse is a cheater

  • Browser History and Cookies

Probably the easiest way to track your spouse’s online activity is by using their browser history. It gives you a list of all websites and specifically, URLs that your partner has visited. If, however, your partner is smart and deletes their browser history, you can always use the cookies and temporary files saved on their device, to access their browser history. 

  • Saved Login Details

There are a lot of websites we regularly visit, which require a login ID and a password. These websites also give us the option to save the details on the browser so that we do not have to enter the details every time. You can snoop on your spouse’s social media activity using these saved login details which will give you access to your partners’ social media accounts

  • Device Hacking Applications

There are scores of applications available on the internet which let you spy on your spouse’s phone directly, live by mirroring everything they do on their phone to your device. These are really easy to use, and you just need to be able to install these free applications on your partner’s mobile phone without them noticing.

  • Cloud-Based Snooping

Although not available on Android, there are a few applications that are available on Apple devices, which let you tweak the settings of your partner’s device so that all the data is stored on their iCloud. All you need to know is their iCloud login details and you can get access to all their activities through their iCloud, right on your mobile phone

  • Call Records

No matter how much the world and its technology develops, some things cannot be phased out. Call recordings are one such tool. Even with so many new ways and even dedicated snooping applications available today, nothing beats call recordings. All you need to do is enable call recording on your partner’s mobile phone, and you can get access to all their phone calls and get to know if your hunch about your spouse being a cheater is true or not.

We understand that snooping or spying on one’s spouse can be morally conflicting. However, if your partner is actually cheating on you, then the only thing as good as catching them in the act is confronting them with evidence by using And that is what we are here to help you with. With our list of tools, you will definitely catch your partner if they are cheating.

By Linda

Linda Green: Linda, a tech educator, offers resources for learning coding, app development, and other tech skills.