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Back in the day when most 90s kids were coming up, media usage was not as prevalent as it is now. But 90s kids were the first generation that was introduced to the world of computers and smartphones early on. childcare has changed drastically since then. Fast forward to 2021 toddlers and kids are born into homes where media usage abounds. This shift is most evident from how the average child between the ages of 8 and 5 spends 64 moments of their day looking at a screen! But is it a bad thing? Well, it depends on what they are watching, how controlled it is, and a whole lot of other elements. Let’s talk about how screen time could be enlightening for children.

What is the Screen Time Like?

No matter what your toddler is seeing on the display you should say in what you want your children to interact with. Most children mimic what they see and draw values from it. Let’s say your child is seeing a YouTube movie where Dora the Explorer asks them when they have brushed their teeth now. This indicates to them this is a good thing to do. Nursery rhymes keep kids engaged while becoming a positive effect. In case the youngster claps their hands when it states clap your hands,’ their language development abilities are being exploited into. Most child development facilities have a comprehensive multimedia infrastructure, even in which the toddlers invest their time viewing educational and interactive content.

Are Video Games Okay?

The answer is yes. There are video games appropriate for every age. Your child does not necessarily have to begin playing fighting games at a young age–in actuality, we urge against it. Choose harmless games such as easy jigsaw puzzles, racing, racing and block construction. These games enable the child to think critically, solve problems, and also increase their attention span. Video games go a very long way in promoting creativity and getting the kid to consider out of the box early. If your child is subject to display time at their daycare center, make certain it’s controlled, tracked, and secure. If you want to make sure your child is getting the most of technology in a safe and healthy way, make sure to do your research and contact Ready Set Grow in Woods Cross today.Ready Set Grow Bountiful provides fun, safe, and clean childcare for children in the Woods Cross, Utah area.

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