Squarespace was founded in 2003, the same year as the very first version of WordPress. Squarespace today has around 800 employees, almost the same figure as WordPress again.

Squarespace was launched by an American student, Anthony Casalena, who wanted to create a small platform for his personal use and share it with his friends and family. About the same time, Matt Mullenweg, a student at the University of Houston, was coding what would become WordPress.

What services does Squarespace offer?

Squarespace articulates its offer around 4 poles:

The creation of websites – The platform makes it possible to create a blog, a site, a portfolio or a shop online with a professional look … easily, thanks to a system of layout by drag and drop. There are many templates available to customize your design.

 Domain names – Squarespace is not only an online site creation software, it is also a registrar that allows you to buy a domain name directly on the platform.

Online shops – Beyond a classic website, Squarespace also offers a platform for creating secure online shops, with no limit to the number of products uploaded.

Marketing tools – Newsletter, social sharing buttons, integration of Google Maps, a calendar, image galleries, videos, audio files or even statistical tools, a lot of possibilities exist to follow the performances of his site and build loyalty.

An enticing commercial speech, it must be admitted! So let’s start right away trying to create a blog on Squarespace.

A click on “Create a site” and Squarespace already suggests me to choose a template for my taste to start my project. We can preview each template in desktop, mobile and tablet format, and open a more complete preview on a demo site.

At first glance, no template looks like a blog, it is rather templates for sites. But you still decided for one of them. A visit to https://webpagescientist.com makes things easy for you.

Choose a Squarespace template

Squarespace then asks me to create an account. First name, last name, e-mail address, password, it does not take more to start using the service.


You have direct access to the personalization interface of your site and to a message at the bottom of the page informing me that I have “14 days of free trial period” trial period at the end of which Squarespace will become paying.

Squarespace interface

Squarespace distinguishes two rates: the rates for a “simple” site and the rates for an e-commerce site, a little higher.

For a site without e-commerce features

The rate includes the possibility to post as much content as you want, on a site compatible with mobile and secure (https), with 24/7 customer support and statistical tools (more advanced in the case of the Business Plan). You can also benefit from a free domain name, provided you pay for the year.