What causes a website to be missing from Google search results?  The site might be attractive and compelling and relevant to the services or products it offers.  So why wouldn’t Google put it smack dab on page 1?

Of course, searching for a website by typing in the company name or the actual web address will get that website on the first try. But if you do not know the name of the company or website but only know the services you are seeking, it can be a whole different story.

A great website is a great start for developing an online presence. Some businesses have a website because it seemed like the thing to do, even if it does not bring in more customers or orders. If a website exists just so people can learn about a company whose name they already know, then there is no need to promote a site based on what they sell.  But what if you want your website to do more?

And what if the name of your business does not closely match your products or services? Saya business has a name like “X Group” and offers management consulting services. Doing an online search for “management consulting” or “business process help” will yield thousands of websites, but will it yield the website for the X Group?  If X Group does nothing to promote the site, it will probably not be found in Google.

There are many parts of the search engine equation that are factored into determining placement in search engine results.  Google requires more than simply an attractive site.

“Search Engine Optimization” or (SEO) is a technique used all over the internet for decades to assist sites to rank higher than others.  A  NJ SEO company can help your website be more than just beautiful. Read this infographic from Landau Consulting to learn how to make sure your website does not go missing from search engine result pages. 

By Linda

Linda Green: Linda, a tech educator, offers resources for learning coding, app development, and other tech skills.