Does email marketing still work? It doesn’t if you aren’t using the right method with the right tools. Many marketers still believe email marketing depends list building, which is not incorrect. But when you have the right strategy it will work just fine, and in many cases work better than other channels. Exactly how effective an email campaign can be, it is hard to predict, but you can evaluate through the types of emails that were sent to your lists. The types include:

Broadcast: When you have to communicate a message to everyone all at once at the same time. An example is when your business launches a new product, hosting a customer event, etc. In these cases, you would usually want all your customers to know about it.

Scheduled: To name a few, it is holidays, birthdays, or anniversaries. Depends on the actual business itself, you may send a birthday reminder to people who have birthdays. And you may offer them some one-time discount/voucher.

Autoresponders: You need to set up an email which can automatically reply to someone who has newly registered on your website/app, or who has subscribed to your newsletter.

Triggered: The use of triggers can allow sending perfectly-timed emails, based on user behavior data captured including certain website page views, or engagement / interactions, etc. You should realize at this stage, you must have already started using an email marketing automation tool such as Sendinblue, Drip, or any other similar tool.

When you are to set up an email campaign, you should keep in mind that you can personalize the emails, and you can also select who to target.

One effective method is to segment your contacts into a group who have something obvious in common. For example, in this group (or segment) all the contacts would have clicked on a link in one specific email that talked about one specific topic. In the first place you should have tagged all these contacts with the same tag. Later when you have an email campaign that would suit this segment of contacts, you can simply pull out the tag and assign these contacts to your email campaign.

Another method is to send dynamic content to your contacts. One purpose of this method is to run an A/B test on your emails. You can create two versions of emails. Set up your tool to send email #A to the first 50% of contacts, and send email #B to the rest of the 50%.

You will need to take the actions i.e. Actually building the email through mobile-optimized email templates. In your email program, the tools you can use include those drag-and-drop editor, and/or the HTML editor.

As with all other channels, you need to measure the performance of email marketing. The performance data can always be reported through the built-in emails in your email marketing / marketing automation program. You should be able to tie the actual sales back to each specific email. This way you will understand exactly what has worked for you. And you would replicate the success to all other subsequent email campaigns.

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