Internet connection T3 is gaining wide popularity as it is now the ideal solution for many businesses and enterprises that have need of extremely high speed internet as well as for companies hosting high traffic web sites and support sites for website hosting. Although it is rather common for companies to require higher than T1 lines bandwidth, not all business entities will have need of an Internet connection T3 line. Businesses do not always require constant level of Internet T3 bandwidth. But the speed of T3 sets it apart from others and is also the reason why it is often more costly than Internet T1. This is because given the capability of being the backbone of a network carrier in terms of speed and bandwidth they are exclusive. All Internet T3 lines have a Service Level Agreement that guarantee outstanding performance and uptime.

Unlike T1 lines that are often used for commercial and domestic purposes, a Internet connection T3 line is used by large companies as much as universities that thrive on a dedicated high speed connection. This line is capable of managing exceptionally high bandwidth demands. It’s surprising to know that a T3 can manage traffic equivalent to 672 analogue telephone lines. Compared to non-optical connections, T3 is most likely the next fastest internet connection that you can avail. This line is comparable to T3 but the difference is in the channels as T1 lines do not contain all channels of support. Moreover, not everybody can afford an Internet T3 line because they are expensive. Its high capacity makes it sought-after for the backbone of today’s Internet. Internet T3 lines are much more complex than T1 lines since they technically operate 28 T1 lines alongside each other. It also takes an additional software or equipment to run Internet connection T3.

You may be wondering of the difference between Internet T1 and Internet connection T3 lines. The chief distinction lies in the cost and speed. These two factors distinguish these two connections. T3 lines are also a lot more expensive than T1 lines. In numbers a T1 line may cost around $1000 per month while Internet T3 line can go as much as $15000 a month. These lines are apparently the advanced types of the traditional T1 Internet connections. In actual, T3 is made up of a set of T1s. Every Internet T3 consists of 28 T1s and the speed of every T1 is around 1.5Mbps making Internet connection T3 around 45Mbps.

Internet connection T3 lines are also known as DS3 lines. They are characteristically high speed as they are advanced versions of the T1 line. Its mega high-speed connection is incomparable, talk about 45Mbps capacity. At this speed, T3 can transmit heavy loads such as real time video, movie and an extremely large database regardless if you run them all at once during peak hours. For this reason, considering another connection that involves Internet T3 access sharing with another company through the T3 provider is feasible. This provides access to high transmission rates at much less the cost of full Internet T3. Customers may also avail of fractional Internet connection T3 lines that provide around 3Mbps to 45Mbps of speed.

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