When the expert fixers are looking for an original screen, their goal is to find the iPhone or other smartphones exactly as they were before the failure, and that the smartphone does not fail again anytime soon. They also have another goal, which is to do the repair as cheaply as possible while taking advantage of the best deal available.

The Making and Fixing

The manufacturer of spare parts Apple is not the only one able to manufacture these parts, after the release of a new model, other factories launch out to manufacture the same parts that they find in the new device, sometimes they do it cheaply, thereby sacrificing quality on purpose, other times they even make replicas to create an exact copy of the spare part and that cost what it costs. For the iPhone screen repair South Florida  this is important.

They therefore arrive a little after the launch of the new model to have spare parts of different quality, including with characteristics identical to the screen or original part, while significantly reducing the famous huge margin that Apple generally makes.

They do not therefore find ourselves the clumsy consumer with smartphones or just unlucky, they find ourselves with the freedom to choose between the cheapest price by sacrificing part of the quality or the longevity of the part, or the choice optimal quality while saving money compared to a repair done at Apple, which remains a respectable choice.

What do AAA + and AAA mean in terms of the quality of screens and spare parts?

In practice, there are 3 levels of quality on spare parts for smartphones. There is therefore something for all tastes and all budgets.

Knowing them before repairing your smartphone can be very useful to avoid surprises when receiving the part.

Level A: Grade A is the best in terms of quality and fidelity to the original part, it also includes the original screen which is at Apple. it has no faults and is sold new, not used. The spare parts sold on htcn are also of this grade A quality level.

Levels B: The quality of spare parts with grade B may seem identical to grade A at first glance because the flaws it contains are not obvious to an inexperienced eye, this may appear in the form of micro scratches, colors of the LCD screen not perfect, micro deformation on the screen frame, a viewing angle not identical to the original Apple screen… or other minor defects for most people.

The C levels: The C grade you notice it right away, because the home button will be for example a little shifted from its place, or you will finally meet with the famous dead pixels on the screen, or maybe the color of the smartphone screen will be dull enough to suggest the lack of precision and quality on the spare part, this can be quite annoying or not practical at all. If you are looking for this kind of spare parts, you will not find it.


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