Most of the time we are busy with our smartphones and our phones are full of different apps. Some apps are just for entertainment purpose but some apps can help to grow your business and daily productivity.

If you are a real estate licensee and have not found any useful app yet then this articles is especially for you. Our team has extracted a list of top 15 apps that every real estate agent must have in his smartphone. These apps are very useful to make your life easier and more productive in dealings with your clients and customers. So let’s get started with really amazing content to grown your business.


  • Refresh


Are you going to meet with your new client and want to impress him at the first meeting? Having some information about him can give you an edge over other agents. Use Refresh to get information about any person from different social media platforms. This app can gather data from different platforms with a single click. Try this app to discover the favorites of your next client. 


  • RPR Mobile


To get information about the available property around you, RPR Mobile can be very useful. This mobile app can be used to access the data, information, and reports directly on your smartphones. It is available free of cost for all real estate agents. This app can point out all the available information about schools, houses, shops and other building in your surroundings.


  • Vert


Measurements and conversions are the main part of the real estate agent’s routine. You have to convert weight, length, and sizes. It is good to have this app to make things easier for you. Its basic version is available for free and you need to buy $2.99 subscription for the pro version.


  • Scannable


This app is just like a mini scanner in your pocket. Just aim your camera at any document that you want to scan and the intelligent system of this app will identify the document by detecting the edges. This app is yet only available for Apple devices but soon, it will be out for android devices too. 


  • Adobe Photoshop Express


Do you want to impress your client with the photos of your for sale property? Download Adobe Photoshop Express to present your property in a better way with a little editing. This app is very easy to operate for small tasks like cropping and rotating. 


  • Box


Are you looking for a more secure option to store your data online? A box is a perfect option for you to access your data from anywhere and you can easily send that information to your clients around the globe from your smartphone. 




“If This Then That” app is designed to schedule your daily tasks. There are many functions that your app can connect with like send you a message whenever someone comments on your posts or want to back up every new contact that you add in your phone. There are thousands of configurations that you can use with this app. 


  • Todoist


This app can connect with your Gmail and it will let you perform your tasks according to follow up emails. This app offers more usability as compared to any other to-do app. You don’t have to search your inbox every time. This app will keep you updated always. 


  • Deductr 2


Calculate your business expense and income with the help of this app. You can even track the mileage of your car with the help of this app using the phone’s GPS. It can help you to take care of tax records and handle other expenses. The basic version is available for free of cost.


  • Microsoft Word


No doubt it is the best document editor that every real estate agent must-have. This app can view your documents in the original view as these were meant to be. This app can handle a lot of files and templates and your contracts easily.


  • Videolicious


This app can help you to create an awesome video with the least effort. Impress your clients with a perfect video of your property. Video content is always more interesting to improve your sales with the help of this video creation and editing app.


  • Buffer


You can manage all your business and personal social media profiles in a single app. You can use this app to get notification about all of your media accounts like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Stay connected with all the clients all the time.


  • LastPass


Remembering all of your passwords is not an easy task. This help can manage all of your passwords for you. Keep your passwords safe with this app and can get access to all the saved passwords anytime. 


  • Roomscan Pro


You can draw floor plans with the help of this app. Aim at one wall and move to the next one. Repeat this procedure until you are back from where you started. Your floor plans are ready to help you with your sales. 


  • BombBomb


You can use this amazing app for video email. Try this app with your next monthly report. This app is a better option where you want to elaborate stuff to your clients. It is available for free for a two-week trial.

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