What is a Relocation Management Company (RMC)?

Technology has become omnipresent today in our daily lives. From communication to commutation, from managing bank accounts to shopping online, technology has slowly crept into nearly every part of our lives. It is helping us to make our fast-paced life a bit easier.

Now that we are talking about technology, relocation management software is also a part of it. Relocation movers help companies and individuals move at ease, but to manage all of this, you’d need software, and this is when Movegistics comes to your rescue. We have made it easier for transferees to manage their entire move. The purpose of this writing is to give you an in-depth knowledge of the relocation management software

In this guide, we will help you to understand the process and functioning of the software. Consider a situation where you are a moving company, and you are assigned to manage the relocation of your client’s office. This is a challenging situation, but if this type of task arises, you must consider taking the help of space and move management software, which is also called relocation software. The relocation software will take care of all the planning, logistics, communication, and tough space utilization. We are unbiased towards our client and believe that even if you are a small mover or an established company with a moving service portfolio, you can grow rapidly with the world’s leading move automation platform Movegistics.

Key Features

Capturing and organizing leads: Visual estimators integrated directly onto your website usually allow the prospects to get the information about moving by using the visual aids that are also interactive. The outcome of this is that the sales team can get qualified leads, which helps them maintain a conversion rate much higher. Prospects can also be directed to the customer portal. They will be able to update their e-sign, information, important documents quickly, and even live chat with the sales representatives.

The Lead board is present to help relocation movers with each new lead’s contact information and moving information. It makes the information instantly available and organized so that the sales representative can find it with ease for follow-up and close deals faster. 

Book the relocation: You can get the right estimate for the first time booking relocation with confidence if you have a mobile app. Apart from the onsite app, you also get a quick phone survey in the CRM, an email for customer invites, and much more. Many relocation software also provides estimating tools within the app to make better and instant estimations.

Dispatching and scheduling: With advanced scheduling tools like crew forecasts and route planning, you can drive profits. You can do this by keeping people connected with mobile calendars and instant notifications. Also, dispatch electronically, and you can track real-time field activity using a dashboard with significant operations.

Completing the process: You can complete the whole process with a few clicks and save approximately $10,000 or more per truck every year. With the help of relocation software, gratify your customer with paperless automation and earn positive reviews and referrals.

Places to use relocation management software service

Here are five points when you must seek the help of relocation management software services.

  • Workforce: Managing an office for relocation with dozen of employees is much easier than a few hundred. It would be best to have good software to module and make sure that each employee’s belonging goes to the right place. Relocation software is the only way to help a company move in an organized manner.
  • Budget planning: Relocation management software will surely help to manage the budget. You may find it challenging to plan a budget for an office move, and this is when the software will provide you with quotations and estimations to help you manage the budget accordingly. If you have a rough estimate in your hand, then it’ll be easier to plan things.
  • High-stake situation: When you manage to move the office, it comes with a lot of work pressure and deadlines. You can easily go over budget, and it could happen due to many reasons, like the current tenant is not vacating the property on time or renting the new property. Relocation management software can keep you updated with real-time office relocation progress to help you prevent any high-stake situation.
  • A lot of inventory: Office has file cabinets full of records, delicate and expensive equipment, electronic devices, and computers that need to be carefully moved to the new office. Relocation management software can quickly calculate your inventory and provide you with valuable information that will help you determine how to move it to the new workplace safely.

Movegistics is determined to help the relocation movers with one of the best relocation management software that may help you with every office relocation aspect. Using our software, you will see your relocation progress in real-time and make adjustments accordingly.

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