Instagram is probably the most famous social platform these days. You can use your Instagram profile for your own purposes or to improve your business and reach more customers. To start reaching more followers, first you should be noticed, then you need to give a reason someone to follow you.

Everyone on the social platforms is trying to reach as many following as possible. It is not an easy task, though. In this article you will learn some tips and tricks ,which will help you to increase your audience. Also There are many companies on the market that are offering services to increase your audience for example you can buy likes on Instagram from them.

First of all make sure that your account is Public. Don’t put it on Private, because this way the chances to be noticed are much smaller, because people won’t be able to check your content. Your content might be great , but it doesn’t matter because no one , except the people already following you will see it and you can’t earn new followers this way. You can switch your account from Private to

Public in your Profile Settings.

Reply to every comment you receive. By replying to every comment that your followers left on your posts, you will make an impression that you are interested in your followers opinions and needs. As many comments and likes you receive , as much your post is more likely to get into other people’s

News feed.

Create a game. By creating game or giveaway and announce that the winner will get a free reward your chances to earn many more followers are bigger than ever. Everyone wants to get something for free easy and you can provide them that chance. Set your own conditions , for example, everyone who wants to take part of your contest should follow you and tag two or three of their friends in the comments. As a result, you will receive many comments and many more people following you.

Choose the best time to publish your post.

A recent research shows that the best time to publish is at noon ( around 12 o’clock ) or late afternoon (around  6 p.m.) because people are most active on Instagram at that time and they are more likely to see your latest post.

Post videos more often. The best way to acquire more information is by watching videos. People always prefer to watch something and learn things from watching rather than reading it, so by providing more videos your followers will be more interested in your content.

Use hashtags. Don’t ever forget to put hashtags on your posts or stories , because this is the main way that people reach your Instagram account.People who are interested in a specific topic use keywords to find it, so choose your hashtags wisely and it will lead to organic growth to your Instagram account shortly.

Communicate with other users.

By using keywords (hashtags) you can reach many people who are interested in things similar to your own interests. If you don’t want to  buy followers on Instagram , you can connect to other people with similar goals and advertise each other for free , for example the person that you asked for advert may put your Instagram profile on their story and some of that person’s followers will see your profile and they may follow you if they are interested in your content.

In conclusion we can say that there are many ways of increasing your audience.  However, you can still buy Instagram followers and at the same time earn many more using the tips and tricks we have mentioned in this article.

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