Imagine you want to stay at your home most of your life time, but at the same moment your goal is to make some cash to pay your bills, there are always different ways to achieve your goal.

On the internet there are many websites where you can make money from home. Slicethepie is one of the sites that lets you do exactly that opportunity, if you can enjoy music.

The tips

On the site, you’re required to complete some specific tasks, and the benefits to you include the following:

Tip 1: You would be rewarded for listening to music or watching music videos that were loaded to the Slicethepie site.

Tip 2: Actually for you to show your feedback after completing your tasks i.e. watching the specific video or listening to the specific music, you’re asked to rate and review the video or music.

Tip 3: The quality of your review does matter. The site uses an algorithm to evaluate the review you’ve submitted. If the algorithm thinks you have written a high quality review, you’ll get higher payout for that specific video/music review.

Tip 4: The main key to get a bigger payout from the site is to write better reviews. To maximize each of your review’s revenue, when you listen to music you should focus, and you’ll usually end up writing a higher quality review for it.

Tip 5: Also on the site, you get account of bronze, silver, or gold status. The higher the account status, the bigger each payout you get. You’ll have to try hard and work your way up to the gold rank to receive the highest possible payout for each music review.

Alternative choices

If you are people who aren’t into listening music all day, there are certainly alternatives i.e. other websites that you can get the similar opportunity to earn cash.

Mturk is a site that lets you work on small tasks. The tasks posted up there by employers are mostly one time jobs, and would require you to follow instructions to complete specific tasks.

Usertesting is another alternative and a site where you can make money by spending your time testing apps. For example, you would be mostly likely to test some specific features and functions of a mobile app.

By Linda

Linda Green: Linda, a tech educator, offers resources for learning coding, app development, and other tech skills.