The Top 10 Most Popular Online Payment Solutions

The employment of a payment gateway provider is something that should be considered if you are intending on creating an Internet merchant account. This service facilitates the completion of a sales transaction by providing a route for it to occur. This simply implies that a client is capable of paying you by sending a specific amount from his credit account to yours through the use of this service. Get to know the top 10 online payment processing platforms in Ghana.

1. Flutterwave

It was created in 2016 by Iyinoluwa Aboyeji and Olugbenga Agboola, and it is based in San Francisco, California. Flutterwave is another payment processor that was founded in San Francisco, California. They have the most extensive geographic presence of all of the firms we investigated. Their aim is to make it simpler for Africans to start global companies that can accept and process payments from anywhere in the globe.

2. Paystack

Users or customers may make credit and debit card payments online using Paystack, which is an online payment gateway that makes it simple for merchants to take credit and debit card payments online. Paystack’s products and services became available to the general public in 2016. Paystack allows customers to purchase products and services online. Employ this one of the top 10 online payment processing platforms in Ghana.

3. DPO

Payments service provider DPO focuses on improving the payment experience of retailers through sustainable systems that provide real-time tracking of merchant activity, real-time organization of insufficiency payments, secure merchant accounts, and other services. DPO has established its name on the principles of innovation, promptness, and providing outstanding service to its customers. Check this one of the top 10 online payment processing platforms in Ghana at least one time.

4. iPay

They are developing safe, browser-based user interfaces for end-to-end encryption, enabling secure payments with the finest mainstream bank accounts, including Visa, Mastercard, and American Express, and other financial institutions. iPay can be used as a kind of online money (a type of digital cash) or as a way of making retail payments at both traditional retail locations and online businesses, depending on the situation.

5. Slydepay

Slydepay is a service that allows you to transfer money online with the touch of a button. By utilizing their service, you may rapidly move money from your bank account to another account of your choice or directly from your PayPal account to another account of your choosing. The money may then be used on items and services that are accessible on Shopify, Amazon, or Safari, among other platforms.

6. expressPay

ExpressPay is an eCommerce payment gateway and marketplace that gives customers the ability to easily and instantly make payments with a mobile device. The service enables merchants to accept both barcodes and a variety of other payment options, including social media position-based mobile apps, mobile checks, e-wallets, or cards stored in personal digital wallets.

7. Hubtel

Hubtel is a simple payment method that accepts payments from any mobile money network or bank card. From your Hubtel wallet, you can easily add and manage all of your credit and debit cards. Every day, you discover and purchase items that you require or desire in order to live your life. It is one of the top 10 online payment processing platforms in Ghana.

8. Interpay

With many years of combined experience in the payment card, data collecting, and security sectors, Interpay is a business to be reckoned with. They can provide you with the option of consolidating all of your payment flows into a single reporting and administration system, allowing you to have a clear understanding of your complete value chain. Use this one of the top 10 online payment processing platforms in Ghana now.

9. Myghpay

A safe and simple online payment solution for people, corporations, and institutions, Myghpay is a comprehensive and secure online payment and collection system that integrates several payment and collection systems. In addition to making safe online payments directly from their bank accounts at any time, the system allows users to make payments from any other merchant account.

10. MoneyMatrix

The MoneyMatrix platform is a cutting-edge technology that will allow merchants to offer payment goods on their e-commerce websites without ever having to leave their nation of residence. The platform will give all payment network operators an easy-to-use platform for taking payments from their clients and selling items without the need to do any additional work on their end. You can use this one of the top 10 online payment processing platforms in Ghana.