Top 5 Instagram Marketing Tips for 2021

Instagram is pretty hoarded with top-notch sellers and is quite competitive. But let that not discourage you since, with a few Instagram marketing tips and tricks, you can easily ace the marketing strategy in no time and surpass your competitors. These easy tips and tricks are the holy grail for most successful Instagram marketers and therefore are proven to give you good results. Let’s check them out.

  • Try reels

Content creation has a major significance in every marketing strategy. With the ongoing pandemic, when people are mostly stuck at their homes right in front of their screens the whole day, it is clever to make use of it to your benefit. Reels are the short 30 second videos that have the power to blow up your business if it goes viral. With good and exciting reel posts, you can get the maximum number of shares which yields great engagement. Display the information and the benefits of your products and services with trendy music, and you are good to go.

Creating and posting reels is also an organic way to gain more followers. But this might not work the best if you have a new account and have zero followers to share your content. You can also get to know how to buy ig followers from the best sites like Famoid, which offers real and authentic followers with a drop protection feature. Thus, you can quickly gain many followers who can eventually share your content and give you more visibility, reach, and engagement.

  • Manage your feed

By managing your feed, we do not just mean posting regular content. Of course, posting regular content is crucial but designing and curating an Instagram feed that is aesthetic gives a much better edge than your competitors.There are different ways you can do that. You can try color coordinating your posts with multiple colors, maintain a consistent hue or gradient all over your feed, or post same-sized images every time. 

  • Write compelling captions

We agree. Instagram is mostly about visuals. But you cannot just ignore the captions altogether. Captions have a significant role in building your brand image. An Instagram caption is about 2,200 characters long, and you have full freedom to express your views and thoughts about your products and services that you are advertising. Most Instagram marketers tend to create lengthy captions which are hard and boring to read. You can also visit to know more about how to improve your search engine ranking on social media.

  • Use hashtags

Hashtags have been the OG marketing strategy of most Instagram marketers but let us tell you that things have changed nowadays. You cannot just add twenty or thirty captions to your post and expect to gain exposure. 

Instagram algorithms have changed significantly. Thus, opt for adding five to ten hashtags that are trendy, popular, and most searched. Do not add irrelevant hashtags and stuff them into your caption. This will help you gain maximum visibility and increase your follower count adequately.

  • Go live

The new Instagram feature allows you to interact with your followers in real-time. With Instagram Live, you can easily interact, direct or inform your followers about your products and services. 

Instagram live has quite an incredible amount of potential to blow up your business since, with the right engagement, you can easily reach a more extensive audience base and get more customers. Go live at least once a week or a month and be consistent with it. Make good conversations with your followers, and you are sorted! You can also click here to know how you can use influencer marketing to grow your brand.

Instagram marketing, if done correctly, can make a tremendous difference to your marketing metrics. Such a massive user base can be really beneficial in generating sales and leads for your business if you follow the right tactics.