Knowledge is power and nowadays when most of the students have the ability to connect with teachers on the World Wide Web, it became quite easy to share your knowledge with all interested parties. Both online schools and freelance educators decide to share their knowledge on one of the learning platforms. If you’re willing to learn, you’ll be happy to hear that it’s completely free. We’ve performed extensive research and decided to share the results with you. Read on and find out which are the best online course platforms you can use for no extra charge.

6 Best Platforms to Create an Online Course in 2019

  1. Moodle

Moodle is one of the best online course platforms. Although you wouldn’t expect such a high-level of quality and professionalism from a completely free learning platform, Moodle has it all. It supports both Windows and Android devices and it’s available for all types of businesses. In addition, even freelancers can use it to share their knowledge. All you need to do to start sharing your courses is either to install Moodle on your own server or find someone to host it for you. All in all, Moodle is one of the most popular free course management platforms and rightfully so.

  1. Teachable

One of the favorite online course platforms for both course creators and learners. Formerly known as Fedora, Teachable has become the go-to place for online entrepreneurs. There are many benefits of using Teachable but we’ll outline only a couple of them. First of all, it’s completely free and easy to use. Next, this online learning management system will help you build your own brand. Finally, you’ll be able to use one of their sales and marketing tools to enhance your earnings. Besides their free plan, they have other paid plans you can choose to raise the bar quite high.

  1. Udemy

Udemy is one of the biggest teaching platforms online. According to their claims, they had more than 10 million users at the end of 2016. Udemy boasts of enabling users to use a plethora of tools to share their content online. Course creators can create slideshows, videos, or synch and publish the two combined. Ultimately, you can opt for holding live sessions in their virtual classroom platform. Udemy has apps for both Android and iOs and more than 65k courses, making it one of the most popular online learning management platforms.

  1. Peer 2 Peer University

For all advanced learners and course creators, P2P University can be a great solution. The platform itself is run by volunteers and course creators can share their content in forms of slideshows, documents, discussion boards and videos. All courses and materials are free. However, course enrollment is limited to provide the best experience for course creators and their students. P2P University has been present for more than a decade making it one of the most developed free online course platforms.

  1. Learnopia

The next online platform on our list is Learnopia. At this learning management system, teachers can create, host, and sell their courses. Of course, most of the courses on this platform are free, but there are paid courses available on-demand. Fee is paid only for the paid courses and you can always opt for creating and sharing free courses. Furthermore, there are no extra costs for hosting, software licenses and merchant accounts placing this online course platform amongst the most beneficial ones.

  1. Skillshare

This aptly named online course platform offers you unlimited access to more than 19k classes, completely free. Skillshare claims to have more than 3 million members with whom you can share work and insights. Their app is available for both Android and iOS devices making it one of the most practical learning management systems available online. Build a group of followers by creating courses in multiple categories including design, business, technology, photography etc. All in all, this online learning platform is a good choice for all of you who seek a good free solution for course management.

Bottom Line

Since there’s quite a competition in the online industry, most of the online course platforms are free to use – at least their basic plans. Of course, you can always decide to purchase some of the professional plans but for starters, it seems that the free plans will work just fine.

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