Top five Aluminium Composite Panel manufacturers in the world

Choosing the right kind of exterior façade material for your homes and building is important to create a lasting first impression. Aluminium Composite Panels are designed to enhance the aesthetic value of your residential and commercial spaces. Not only that but ACP panels set the tone for your premises to appeal to the viewer’s eye.

ACP sheets have added up the glory to the most common IT parks, hospitals, restaurants, and several other architectures. They have been used exhaustively for cladding building surfaces as they are the most favored material of architects and builders.

Aluminium Composite Panels are made up of two thinly layered Aluminium coils with a Polyethylene core. Here’re some of the interesting and unknown facts about ACPs that you must know.

Interesting & Unknown Facts About ACP panels

Envitect ACP comes in a vast range of eye-catching colors and finishes that perfectly mimic natural textures. Even though they have become omnipresent today, they have many interesting and unknown facts. So, let’s have a look at them:

1. ACP Sheet Invention

ACP sheets were first invented and patented by the BASF and ALUSINGEN in the year 1969. Popularly known as Sandwiched Panels, they were commercialized when the patent was lifted after almost 20 years. Since its commercialization, almost 200+ brands have come into existence worldwide. And Envitect is one of the leading Aluminium Composite Panel manufacturer in India.

2. Cladding in Pre-ACPs Years

Aluminium was first extracted in 1854 and began to be used for commercial purposes in 1886. Back in the days, Romans and others started using Aluminium to cover the domes of churches. The Empire State Building in New York was also inspired by Art Deco to become the first of its kind building to be made from Aluminium components.

3. Eco-Friendly Material

ACP panels are proven environment friendly material that’s energy-efficient and sustainable. They are easily recyclable. The Aluminium in the ACP sheets retains the same value as it can easily be extracted from the sandwiched panels.

4. Sturdy & Rugged Physical Properties

ACP panels are robust and come with study & rugged physical properties. Such properties make Aluminium Composite Panels a perfect cladding material for exterior surfaces and façade buildings. Further, they are corrosion resistant and can withstand extreme weather conditions like high temperatures and monsoon.

ACP sheets are also known for their heat and noise insulating properties making them ideal for interior decoration, wall cladding, and false ceiling.

5. Non-Toxic

The Aluminium substance is among one of the non-toxic materials with no occupational diseases. Besides, the manufacturing of ACP sheets at Envitect is followed by stringent industry standards and quality control measures. Such measures help prevent exploitation of human health and omit the ACP panel manufacturers from this. Moreover, Envitect uses VOC free paints & high quality leads to ensure zero harmful fumes are produced.

6. Limitless Customization for Efficient Ergonomics 

Another interesting fact about ACP is that they are extremely lightweight which is appreciated by architectures all around the world. ACP sheets are highly flexible and easy to customize, cut, bend and fold in any shape & size you want. The flat surfaces of the ACP ensure that sheets stay highly formable. Even they can be transformed into fire resistance just by replacing the Polyethylene core with Magnesium Hydroxide.

7. Wide Array of Colors and Finishes

You can choose ACP sheets for your application area from a diverse range of colors and finishes that suit your requirements. A wide variety of colors and textures provides you the freedom to choose any style and color to go with your residential and commercial spaces. Envitect offers a gamut of different colors and finishes e.g., Wooden Finish, Brush Finish, Metallic Finish, Marble Finish, Sparkle Finish, and others.

Wrapping Up

So, here are some of the top 7 interesting and unknown facts about Aluminium Composite Panels. All such facts illustrate how ACP sheets are the most suitable and ideal material to choose from for your façade elevation, interior, and exterior surface cladding. Envitect is one of the top and leading ACP panel manufacturer in India. Contact us or enquire us even for your special requirement to manufacture ACP panels.

By Linda

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