UV rays are used to purify drinking water by eliminating the various contaminants that pollute it, including bacteria, viruses, and microbes.

UV treatment of water is, in fact, one of the most effective ways to obtain pure drinking water. From a technical point of view, ultraviolet rays penetrate harmful pathogens in water and destroy microorganisms by attacking their genetic nucleus (DNA). A UV filter for water is particularly effective in eliminating their ability to reproduce.

Using a UVC lamp (หลอด uvc, which is the term in Thai) to purify drinking water is a very simple process that has no impact on its color, smell or taste. Contrary to some popular beliefs, the treatment of water with a UV lamp does not present any risk to human health.

How Does A UV Lamp Work In The Treatment Of Drinking Water?

On the electromagnetic spectrum, ultra-violet energy lies between visible light and X-rays. We could speak of invisible radiation or “black light”. Its wavelength is shorter than that of visible light but longer than that of x-rays.

To kill microorganisms, UV energy must hit their cell. It first penetrates the outer membrane, passes through the body of the cell and breaks down its DNA, putting an end to its reproductive capacity. The degree of inactivation depends on the dose of UV applied to the water. This dose is the product of the UV light intensity and exposure time.

A Very Broad Spectrum

In terms of efficiency, the use of a UV lamp in the treatment of drinking water is extremely effective. The Firewall technology guarantees 99.9999% pure water. Almost all pathogenic microorganisms leave their skin there: bacteria, molds, algae, viruses, yeasts, etc. Ultraviolet rays are particularly effective in clear, limpid water devoid of particles, which could then act as a shield around certain microorganisms.

How To Maintain UV Lamps Used In The Treatment Of Drinking Water?

UV lights don’t burn out as regular lights do, but they do lose intensity over time. Since the intensity of the UV lamp plays a key role in the effectiveness of UV water treatment, a regular lamp change is necessary.

The UV lamps in water fountains should be changed on average, once a year. In addition, the lamp should be switched on at regular intervals, because switching on too often will also reduce its intensity.

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