If you’re new to streaming or live broadcasting and want to grow on Twitch, you need to understand your channel’s goals. From these you can create different strategies for: grow your channel, increase your visibility, buy Twitch followers, create a bulletproof strategy, etc.

The idea of creating a Twitch channel is not enough because you like to play video games and want to benefit financially from it. This is more complex than it seems. And for that, it is necessary to understand the six objectives that you must achieve so that your channel succeeds and you can live on Twitch .

Goals to pursue on Twitch

These are:

  • That they visit your channel for the first time.
  • Stay longer than 3 minutes on your live stream.
  • Let them comment in the chat.
  • That they follow you
  • Come back to your stream channel.
  • Subscribe or donate money.

For these six points to make sense, it is necessary to understand them and avoid making beginner mistakes, such as asking for donations on Twitch ahead of time. Everything has a process and for that, we are going to explain step by step how to achieve these goals using marketing strategies to grow on Twitch.

Tips for Growing on Twitch

The first objective is that they visit your channel for the first time, therefore, it is important that all the content they see is to their liking. For your channel to attract attention, it is necessary:

  • An eye-catching cover;
  • A catchy title ;
  • Profile picture;
  • Information panels;
  • Games from which you are going to broadcast content, whether playing, talking about them, giving advice…
  • Setting of your game space;
  • Personal information;
  • Social networks;
  • Paypal account;
  • Create a layout for your stream with the OBS software;
  • Automatic updates of followers, subscribers, donors…
  • It is important that you ask yourself what you want to project on your channel. 

Once you know this, create your channel and show your funniest and cheekiest side. People will see your channel mainly for two reasons:

  • Because you are good at such or such games.
  • Because you know how to entertain.