As we all know how big the smartphone accessories market is. There are whole diverse range of smartphone covers and cases manufactured and supplied on a greater scale due to it high demand, Gocrust is one of the leading company dealing in trendy smartphone covers. Let’s get into few of them

Some phone cases are more for the practical use, while some are added with visual appearance. Some offer firm protection, while some are more like an extra thin skin than a cover.

There is a multitude of choices, it’s all on your taste but here I’m going to present few of the most common types of smartphone cover and cases to get you started.

Bumper cases

Lets start with bumper cases, these covers usually only cover the corners/ border of your smartphone, they have extra thickness over the corners and are often made of a harder, which keep your mobile phone shock-resistant and protects your smartphone from dents and scratches.

These cases can be minimalistic, and may only cover the corners / edges of your smartphone. In some iphone x cover cases they come with an additional protecting piece of case for protecting the back of the phone from scratches.

Slim and gel cases

Second we have Slim covers and cases; they are thinner in design as unlike the bumper cases who are stronger. But then these are thinner and looks premium and may come in various designs on the back. Slim covers add some amount of grip to your smartphone and add less weight. Mostly they are made out of a flexible, rubbery silicone gel material.

There are few sellers who deliver the custom designed cases all on your request.

Tough Covers and cases

Everyone is money conscious, and many out in real world look the smartphone cover just a choice to protect their mobile phones on which they have invested.

Tough cases are heavier and bulkier they just add more weight to a mobile phone, but pay for mobile phones better protection. These are the covers tougher then the bumper covers and delivers heavy protection shield to your smartphone.

Battery cases

Not the last but the least. These day every now and then we are popping into our smartphone, where we are continuously using smartphone it, it’s been a time-killing gadget. With all these hack Battery life seems to be a quite issue regardless of what smartphone you are using these days.

Here the requirement of an power bank comes in picture. While they’re few brands provide the smartphone cases with battery so that you can low battery will not be a issue now. They might be providing these cases more expensive than most of mobile phone cases, battery cases are also very much practical and offer a lot of utility they deliver for those instants when our phone is out of juice.

By Linda

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